Eric Herman and the Invisible Band

Eric Herman and the Invisible Band


Eric Herman is an up and coming star in the kids' music world. His CDs are highly acclaimed and his live shows with The Invisible Band are creative, participatory and a whole lot of fun.


Eric Herman is a talented performer, composer, actor and writer with an engaging sense of humor and an instant rapport with kids. He offers creative music shows and assembly programs that involve the audience and present educational concepts in an entertaining fashion.
In late 2004, Eric moved to the southeastern part of Washington State from Western New York, where he was a member of Young Audiences and was a regular nominee for area music awards as "Best Solo Performer".
In addition to recording and performing music of various styles, Eric has also written two stage musicals. The first, A Week in the Life, was produced in Buffalo in 2003 to much acclaim and earned Eric an Artie Award nomination as "Best Actor in a Musical".
Eric brings all of his creative talents to the forefront when performing programs for kids. Full of comedy and fun, and including plenty of participation, his shows have received enthusiastic responses from kids and adults alike.
Eric's backup group, the Invisible Band, is comprised of some of the finest invisible musicians in the world. Invisible Dave was the touring bass player for Milli Vanilli and the studio bassist for The Doors; Invisible Jill has performed in many films where player pianos could not be obtained; Invisible Keith's drumming can be heard on numerous rap, hip-hop and techno recordings; Invisible Pete plays the tuba and was a stunt double for Chevy Chase in "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" and Kevin Bacon in "Hollow Man". Together with Eric Herman's vocals and guitar-playing, they are a tight-knit group of rock solid musicianship.


Snow Day! (2006)
Monkey Business (2005)
The Kid in the Mirror (2003)

Set List

Eric Herman shows are usually about 45 minutes long and feature original songs from his CDs as well as a few covers.