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“Musica” celebrating the racial freedom forming in America: Finally!
Musica-folk-rock-Espanglish-first ballads celebrating the perseverance and dignity of todays-Southwest-American-Mexican-Latina-Hispanic & Chicano. Plus the brave ballads about Chavez, Zapata, and Pancho Villa.
Love is the same in every tongue. No time to Hate: Lyrics from Amnesty:

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Amnesty (Amnistia)

Written By: Eric Holland

Amnesty (Amnistia)
Why is there always two sides?
Who draws the dividing line?
In the Mideast bullets fly
Innocent die

People break the law cuz they wanna be free
Half the world has poverty
Families leave their own countries for Amnesty

(Chorus)People don’t lie, pigs can fly
Politicians see eye to eye
Love’s the same in every tongue with Amnesty

A Man of color is makin’ our rules
No time to hate, so very cool
Put yourself in Rosa Parks shoes: Amnesty

Race profiles and bigotry
The "Dreamer" has the chance to be free
Kids of color can get degree with Amnesty…..

(Chorus) Lawyers don’t lie, pigs can fly
Most guys have happy wives
Let’s all be on the same side…Amnesty

Abraham Lincoln set the pace
50 states agreed with grace
Can anyone can go anyplace with Amnesty?

Border reform’s like a lottery
Lady or the Tiger which will it be
No more runnin’like refugees for Amnesty

La frontera es un juego de carta
Como la loterias
Espero que el "Dream Act" es una garantia

People don’t lie, Pigs can fly
Politicians see eye to eye
Let’s all be on the same side…Amnesty

Por que hay siempre do lados?
Personas que sufren y muertos
La libertad es el camino: Amnistia, Amnistia, Amnesty

(Spanish verses are the same as the last two English verses) not .com