Eric Horner

Eric Horner


Eric Horner has worked with many of the top artists in Nashville on the road & in the studio - Lee Greenwood (10+ years), Shania Twain, Wynonna, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bently, Porter Wagoner and many more. You won't find a more professional Artist, performer and musician around!


A native of Paducah, KY, Eric can trace his love of music back to the age of six, when he started strumming a tennis racket. Graduating to guitar shortly there-after, Eric began honing his craft under the teaching of multiple Dove Award winner Steven Curtis Chapman and spent his teenage years playing and singing in various Gospel groups around Western Kentucky. His talents quickly gained him access to playing for some of country musics top performers such as Lee Greenwood, Wynonna, Shania Twain and many others. Eric's self-penned, patriotic anthem "We Will Stand" took hold shortly after September 11, 2001 and was played on every reporting station around the U.S. raising thousands of dollars for the Staten Island Victims Relief Fund in NY.

Though Eric's roots run deep in country and southern Gospel, his music seems to cross every genre. "Every venue is different. There are so many musical directions available today. We strive to adapt to each venues musical preference while keeping the message consistently the same.

Eric's patriotic concerts are much in demand across America. Eric has toured the world with Artist Lee Greenwood on USO tours - but never really understood the sacrifices our military makes until he met his wife, Debby. Debby's former husband was killed in the Beirut, Lebanon bombing in 1983 that killed 241 Marines and Sailors. After watching Debby's reactions to the attacks on 9/11/2001 - Eric finally "got it"! His first patriotic song was born that night and the songs honoring and supporting this country and military continue to flow from his pen. With 12 albums under his belt in 2006 - Eric Horner is well honed in his craft as a songwriter, Recording Artist and Performer. Whether you are looking for a full band - Patriotic concert or a worship service - Eric Horner delivers with his whole heart and weaves a story throughout the entire concert. Eric's concerts deliver the messages of: Jesus Christ, Patriotism, supporting Veterans & active military, good parenting, Marriage - all depending on the venue.

Artists Eric has worked with:

1. Lee Greenwood - Band Leader, Acoustic Guitarist, Vocalist - live, studio
2. Shania Twain - Vocalist - live
3. Wynonna - Guitarist - live
4. Brad Paisley - Guitarist - live
5. Dierks Bentley - Guitarist - studio
6. Porter Wagoner - Guitarist - studio
7. Kenny Chesney - Guitarist - studio
8. Sherrie' Austin - Guitarist
9. Brent Lamb - Guitarist - studio
10. Vince Gill - Guitarist - live
11. Rick Derringer - Guitarist - live
12. Phil Vasser - Guitarist - studio
13. Gordon Mote - Guitarist - studio
14. Chalee' Tennison - Guitarist - studio

Television Appearances

1. Late Night With David Letterman CBS
2. The Grand Old Opry TNN/GAC
3. Hee Haw - CBS
4. Good Morning America ABC
5. Into The Night With Rick Dees ABC
6. Hannity and Combs FOX
7. Music City Tonight TNN
8. Crook and Chase TNN
9. Walt Disney World Salute to the Troops - Desert Storm Armed Forces Television and Radio Network


1. Indian River Festival - Titusville, FL
2. Paradise Island - Disney, Orlando, FL
3. Daniel Boone Amphitheater - Boone, NC
4. Heritage Harbor Days - Foley, AL
5. Fort Gordon Army Base - Augusta, GA
5. Strawberry Festival - London, OH
6. Wings Over Wayne w/ Thunderbirds - Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, NC
7. Paramont Theater - Goldsboro, NC
8. The Paducah Summer Festival - Paducah, KY
9. The West McCracken County Fair - Paducah, KY
10. Terra's Angels Benefit - Nashville, TN
11. Delta Center – Seminar: National Center For Fathering - Grand Rapids, MI
12. Stephen Siller – Tunnel To Towers Run – Ground Zero – New York, NY
13. Crystal Cathedral - Garden Grove, CA
14. Englewood Baptist Church - Jackson, TN
15. Northwood Temple - Fayetteville, NC
16. Heartland Worship Center - Paducah, KY

(This list is extensive - Eric is scheduled for 2-4 concerts every weekend)


Singles: We Will Stand, She's A Hero (And A Woman Too), A Father's Prayer, God Bless My Soldier Too, Look Up, The Nails Were Not Enough (current single).

Discography: Real Life, We Will Stand, Freedom Rings, Prayer Warrior, The Call, He Sent Me You, I Will Serve, Gifts, You Can Always Come Home, Look Up, Outside These Walls, For God And Country.

Set List

All original material with the exception of "God Bless The USA" - Concerts can average from 40 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the venue. Eric is able to schedule concerts with just himself using tracks or with a full band depending on the budget. Tours nationwide full time.