Eric Hughes Band

Eric Hughes Band


Smoking hot blues from Memphis is what the Eric Hughes Band serves up, entertaining visitors to Beale Street and festival-goers throughout the South with their fiery-cool grooves and catchy original songs. The Eric Hughes Band is, as Blues Revue Magazine describes it, "a guaranteed crowd pleaser".


The blues has served as a virtual soundtrack to the life of Eric Hughes, a Memphis native. Raised an avid outdoorsman, Hughes roamed the Hill Country and Delta regions of Mississippi, pursuing a lifestyle he describes as: "hunt all day, juke all night". It was at a deer hunting camp near Greenwood, Mississippi that Hughes first heard James "Son" Thomas, who had been hired to entertain the hunters and guests. A stint at Mississippi College was later marked by misdirection and trouble, prompting Hughes to join the US Marines, where he excelled as a marksmanship instructor. Seeking to ease his homesickness for Memphis, Eric bought a used guitar from a fellow Marine, and has been studying and playing blues ever since.
Joining him in 1994, Laura Hughes has been Eric's bass player and partner throughout various bands and music ventures until they began playing Beale Street in 2001. Drummer James Cunningham joined the band in 2006, bringing with him the experience gained from several of Memphis' best bands. Robert Nighthawk Tooms, a gifted entertainer in his own right, plays the piano and organ like no one else can; he and guitarist Memphis Mike Forrest are Beale Street veterans, playing for over a decade in the Wampus Cats, memphis blues pillars throughout the 1990's and early 2000's.
The energy and joy that this band experiences while playing together is not only obvious, but also contagious, as demonstrated by over one thousand performances in the clubs on Beale Street since 2001.


Eric Hughes Band: "Paycheck Boogie" (self-released)
continues to be featured on Blues radio programs world- wide.
Eric Hughes Band: "Two In the Morning" (self-released)
has maintained charting positions for over a year in individual stations' blues program. The album appeared in several radio airplay charts in 2006 and 2007.

Set List

Set list length is determined by the Purchaser, however a set length is between one hour and 1 1/2 hours. The Eric Hughes Band can do as many as four sets.
The band does ALL of the blues standards, and blues classics too numerous to list, as well as Hughes' award-winning original blues songs.