Eric Jennings/Geisha Hit Squad

Eric Jennings/Geisha Hit Squad

 Decatur, Georgia, USA

Eric Jennings (under the moniker Geisha Hit Squad) is a force to be reckoned with. The music emanating from this powerful Atlanta singer/songwriter goes straight for the jugular and takes the audience along an emotional journey of self-reflection.


Eric Jennings is a guitar virtuoso whose influences are include My influences include Neil Young, Billy Bragg, Damian Rice, Radiohead, and Ryan Adams.

What sets Eric apart from other musicians is his ability to sing and play everything from angelic melodies to any hard rock tune. His ability to engage the audience is amazing. The crowd always feels like they have known him for their whole lives.

Having Eric play at your venue will be an decision you will be very glad you made.


2010 TBD Coming soon!
2010 A Stolen Moment
re-release with bonus track
2009 A Stolen Moment