ericka corban

ericka corban


my music ranges from alternative rock to acoustic jazz with soul-searching lyrics and fresh melodies. Think Sarah Mclachlin AND Linkin Park


When I was 14, someone from church gave me a guitar and said: "here, you should try playing this." The poetry I wrote started turning into lyrics as I learned how to play chords and sing. Soon I enrolled in singing/songwriting competitions where I ranked 1st in Washington state and was invited to the national competitions. By the kindness and grace of friends I started recording my songs - I honed my skills in the studio. I have now released 5 cds and over 40 songs and toured throughout the west coast.


Hard To Breathe

Written By: Ericka Corban

Another day awake and I realize
How far I’ve come with glazed over eyes
I am connected to You all around
You are my sky, You are my ground
Thought I could be what You wanted me to
Then I remembered there’s nothing that I can do
Apart from You

You are my my green color my
Rain water I bow when You tell me to
You are my my oxygen I
Breathe You in I’m content in You


Written By: Ericka Corban

What’s it like to be 14? I can almost find that memory, it’s like
Jinx poke you owe me a coke, and you’re lucky I don’t keep track of everything you owe
Runnin when the rain falls hard, just playin catch in our back yard and
Sleepin over with the girls, watching episodes of Boys Meets World
Everyday is a new adventure, chasin love to find it’s treasure
Makin friends and fallin hard and dreamin like you could touch the stars
Everyday is the same sweet story, runnin through the days of glory
Dreamin big and fallin hard and livin like you could touch the stars


Written By: Ericka Corban

We never talk anymore
and it's hard to know you better
when you're a closed door
We never dance in the dark
and my tear stained pillow
bears the mark


Written By: Ericka Corban

Crawl in my mind just to see what is in my dreams
Cause it’s all about you and the way that you move in me
Take it fast, take is slow, baby I don’t know where we’re going
But I will follow everywhere that you go, if you’ll let me

You shatter the lines that confine me to what I think
You’re my cure to the fear that is entertaining me
You’re a light in my dark and a life in my heart my lonely heart
Your eyes are a part of the fire that starts in this lonely heart

Live To Praise

Written By: Ericka Corban

My soul longs for salvation
Your promise my eyes fails to see
I’ve wandered from your presence
But then awoke to your mercy

Great peace have they who love your law
And nothing can make them stumble
No nothing can make them stumble

Weary & Worn

Written By: Ericka Corban

Rain keeps on pounding it’s melody singing me deeper into this dream
Flung through the pain of this memory leaving me wounded and wondering

Why can’t I stay away from the madness I find
Soaking up my mind
And my heart’s a maze yeah it’s complicated
To see through this haze


My song “fourteen” (written for my little sister) has been played numerous times on Seattle’s Spirit 105.3 fm.

Beautiful Again -LP- -2004-
Joyful -EP- -2005-
Beautiful Again -EP- 2005
Hard to Breathe -EP- -2009-
Anymore -EP- -2009-

Set List


1. In My Head
2. Hard to Breathe
3. Red in Shades of White
4. Anymore
5. Fourteen
6. Rockstar
7. Fallen Down
8. Journey
9. Weary & Worn
10. Falling