Eric Kampman

Eric Kampman


Somewhere between Todd Rundgren, Neal Morse and Genesis, with more angst than any of them. I try to make sure there's a hook and that each song isn't just a rehash of something I've done before.

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Uncle Sham

Written By: Eric Kampman

He'll sell you a new car
While he's stealing your soul
He says he'll fill you up
But it's always the wrong hole

He's calling it freedom
But the color of it's green
Come fill your empty life
With a tabloid magazine

I bully with my virtue
If I'm lion be my lamb
I'll push til you say uncle
Cuz I'm your Uncle Sham

I am sham, sham I am
White Anglo Saxon Man
Water hose in Birmingham
Jesse Helms and Klu Klux Klan

He's selling the big dream
You can have it all:
Beer sofa and TV
With your kids down at the mall

He swears on the Bible
God's on his side
He says he only fights just wars
So he feels self-satisfied

I chased those heathen nomads
Back to Afghanistan
I could not kill Osama
So to Iraq Iran

I am sham, sham I am
Win or lose, we got Saddam
Good clean Cris-chee-an
Registered Republican

Patriots don't criticize
Administration's lies
Humankind's hastened demise
It's what big money buys

I am sham, shame on me
Torturing my enemies
Spying at the libraries
Number one, do as I please

I am sham, sham I am
Other views don't mean a damn
Didn't learn nothin in Vietnam
Love me I'm your Uncle Sham