Erick Von Erick And The Raving Psychos

Erick Von Erick And The Raving Psychos


Emerging onto the Canadian music scene with rave reviews, E.V.E. has a powerful live performance. Influences include David Bowie, Queen, The Ramones, Billy Idol, with a sound comparable to Franz Ferdinand, The Darkness and Andrew W.K. E.V.E. electrifies the stage while the Psychos rage. A must-see.


Since forming in 2005, Erick Von Erick and the Raving Psychos have impressed fans and industry members alike. After building a local fan base, E.V.E. began branching out to neighbouring cities. Even the dirtiest cities (with the toughest fans) couldn't resist E.V.E. and the Psychos. E.V.E has performed shows at clubs such as, The Drake Hotel(Totonto), The Reverb (Toronto), and The Steam Whistle Indie Club 102.1(Toronto). E.V.E.'s debut full-length album has been getting rave reviews. During recording, Mr. Robert Ott, head of OLE Publishing, caught wind of the hottest new band around. After one listen Robert Ott was quoted as saying, "This song is a smash hit," when referring to 'Autobots on the Autobahn. In January of 2007 Erick Von Erick signed a record deal with Sound Of Pop/Fontana North/Universal and a publishing deal with S.O.P./Ole Music.


The Hound of Munich (Full Length Album/10 songs) Feb 27th 2007 (Sound Of Pop/Fontana North/Universal/Ole)

Aches and Pains
Autobots on the Autobahn
An Ode to Bobies in D Minor

Streaming Tracks @

97.7 HTZ FM regular rotation (An Ode to Boobies, Autobots on the Autobahn)

CHRY 105.5FM (Aches and Pains, Autobots on the Autobahn)

CFBU 103.7 regular rotation (Aches & Pain, Love in Control)

Set List

12 Songs Approx. 50-60 min.

Autobots on the Autobahn
An Ode to Boobies In D Minor
Aches and pains
Love In Control
Waiting for the Night
Raving Psychos
Self Therapy 101
It's A Race
Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde