Eric Mandala and The Tribe

Eric Mandala and The Tribe


ERIC MANDALA & THE TRIBE (EM&TT) is a “World Ethnic Electro Tribal Fusion Jam Band” based in Japan. Eric’s influence of Ethnic forms of Art and Instrument combined with Jodie’s live Drums / Techno-ish beats & Yousuke’s Deep-aggressive-Groovin’ bass lines creates a HUGE-sounding jam band! WATCH OUT!


ERIC MANDALA & THE TRIBE (EM&TT) is a “World Ethnic Electro Tribal Fusion Jam Band” based in Japan consisting of International members. All the members all have huge amounts of experience playing with many groups. The band was born when Eric Mandala met Jodie Campbell in 2003 in Japan. The band has had a huge amount of members and collaborations. The core members are Eric Mandala, Jodie Campbell & Yousuke Yamamoto.

ERIC MANDALA, Founder of "Mandala World Music", an international ethnic fusion world music group with people from all around the world uses traditional influences of music and art to create new and dynamic original material. He has traveled & lived around the world collaborating with numerous artists including Shao Ya Shuen, Mamady Keita, Epizo Bangoura, Biung, Kenbo (Taiwan Aborigines), Mamadou Dembele, & Members of Fela Kuti's Band to name a few. Eric Mandala has played on, produced, and recorded over 15 albums in North America, Africa, and Asia. When performing and recording he uses live loops and over 100 ethnic and modern instruments from around the world. He sings in Universal Language mixing ancient tongues and ethnic styles of vocals with modern sound scat poetry.

JODIE CAMPBELL has been playing drums since he was 12 years old when his sister gave him a pair of drumsticks from a Jimi Hendrix cover band called Purple Haze. Jodie has toured across Canada, the U.S.A., & the UK with the bands Waiting For Jane, Up Yer Kilt, and Rose Garland. He has worked with, and continues to collaborate via samples/loops/sequences/etc., Corey MacFayden (Canadian producer: Serial Joe, Sue Foley, Brighton Rock). Corey is also the nephew of world renowned producer, Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Supertramp, Aerosmith, Miles Davis, Slash’s Snakepit, to name a few). Jodie is now strongly influenced by Electro (electronic) based music, and you can find him at his MacBook Pro everyday playing with and recording with Logic Pro 8 (part of Logic Studio). His influences range from Neil Peart, Larry Mullen Jr., Jon Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, and his biggest influence, Jon Fishman (Phish).

YOUSUKE was raised in Osaka in the YAMAMOTO musician family and was surrounded by an atmosphere of Free Jazz and Butoh (Japanese modern Dance). He devoted himself to the bass at a young age and recorded his first album with his father: "Dream Catcher" He plays in many groups such as "Eric Mandala & The Tribe", "Cyclub", "ElPacheco", "MauiWaui" as well as leading the group "HaiKyodai" with his brother. He also Djs, & has worked in recording, mastering, as an engineer on numerous CDs. Also he organizes the popular monthly underground event "Boat House" at Club Noon Osaka.

Eric’s influence of Ethnic forms of Art and Instrument, Inspiring healing vocals and Ripping lead guitar combined with Jodie’s live Drums / Techno-ish beats & Youska’s Deep-aggressive-Groovin’ bass lines have created a new original sound mixing Afrobeat/Funk, Psychedelic Trance/Techno, World Ethnic, Tribal and Jam Band elements. You WON'T BELIEVE this is only a 3-Man band! With their use of loops, this is a unit that sounds like a HUGE grooving band! WATCH OUT! Not to Be missed!


Single: ILLUSION 2008
The latest Rooter session Released 2008

WORLD TOUR Released 2006
Mandala UNITY LOOP Released 2005
Peace Festival live Released 2005
Indonesia Sen Exhibition Tour Released 2004
Hoping for Hoping Released 2003
Mandala A gathering of the spirits
double album Released 2003
Planet Bamboo Spriit of Life Released 2003
Dakanow and Family Released 2003
Robby Pattula, Chris the Wizard & Eric Mandala 2003
Mandala live in Okinawa Released 2002
Mandala Sitar Improvisations Released 2001
Mandala Asian flute Released 2001
Sweet Soul Sister Released 2000
Wild Scene Released 1999
Eric Mandala Mixed Work 1994-1998 Released 1998

2004: Shaft (The Magic Grass Band)
2003: Hopes (Orpheus Myth)
2001: N2NDL (Rose Garland)
1998: UYK (Up Yer Kilt)
1991: Independence (Waiting for Jane)
1987: Beginning (Nouveau Terrace)

Dream Catcher Released 2001
Dream time Released 1997
Jamu Released 1997

Set List

EM&TT: 1 to 2 hour set list: ALL ORIGINALS

1) Jiliummonaiyoe 9:32
2) Illusion 6:43
3) Fire 10:22
4) Air 10:00
5) Mumbo Jumbo 10:36
6) Sumateyo 8:46
7) Balance 5:45
8) Pulsar 6:12
9) DG-Redo 12:01
10) Tech-tana 9:01
11) Phunky Monkey 10:24