Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez


High energy stripped down Rock and Roll that runs the gamet both musically and stylisticly.


Eric Martinez has been playing music for the better part of 20 years. He started playing drums early on and then picked up the guitar shortly after. By playing both instruments for so many years, he has developed a unique style of percussive guitar playing that is sure to get people moving. His time is solid and his lyrical phrasing blends in fluidly with his acoustic guitar playing.

Eric has been playing in bands since childhood. From drums in his first band to lead guitar in CubanStack, to his latest job playing lead guitar in the nationally touring band Bloodkin, he has run the gamut musically. He is currently living in Denver , CO playing solo acoustic shows, and touring with Bloodkin. He is also in an acoustic duo called Breaking & Entering, that tours the country regularly. Eric sits in regularly with the likes of Cecil “Peanut” Daniels, the Brian Jordan Band, and local favorites Polytoxic. He also recently recorded an album with an all star line-up from Athens, GA.

Eric believes in giving back to the community. He has played countless Panic Fans For Food events helping raise some of the largest donations to date. Last summer Eric’s band played two shows to raise over 2,500 dollars for a 12 year old boy with cancer. He recently headlined a PF3 event with Cecil “Peanut” Daniels, and headlined The Scrambled Scramble Charity Golf Tournament raising over 9,000 dollars

With three albums’ worth of original material ranging from bluegrass to full on rock and roll, and a vast knowledge of cover songs, including Neil Young, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, Warren Zevon, The Beatles, and many more, Eric puts on an energetic show that reaches a wide range of people and their desired taste.

Eric is currently booking solo acoustic shows in the Colorado area for headlining or opening slots.


Open Roads

Written By: Eric Martinez

Living on
Borrowed time, and borrowed money
Oh I still feel fine
Womans on my mind
The world it feels
All right, this time of day
So lonely is the fight
Thunder and the rain

Lying on
A bed of nails stabs right through me
Do I cry in my dreams
Oh honey what does it mean
It’s not the same one
From last night, cause’ we were laughing
With our children
Passing hours fading signs

What happens now is sacred
Waking up
Your words are how I take it
I ain’t that tough
Projecting thoughts just ain’t enough
I got to much to lose

Hiking on
Muddy ground, waters flowing
Want to grab what you see
Oh baby, feel what you feel
I turn around
To find, Your eyes are on me
The darkness in my light
Is tempted by your calling

Breath in my inspiration
Learn to crawl
Born into desperation
I want it all
Gonna jump off all the walls
Landings all I can do

Driving on
Open roads, leading to me
Blowing by everything
Can you make me believe
It’s not the same way
As last time
these stops are different in my head
In the corners of my mind

Believing all I created
Is passed around
Even all I have taken
Finds it’s way out
To the people all around
Round the world, back to you


Written By: Eric Martinez

I run through every hole
And feel my weight in gold
I constantly believe
Amusements at my door
I’m laughing when I fall
Falling to my knees

I’m tapping when I walk
I’m hearing every song
That whistles through the trees
It’s buried in my soul
I feel it when I talk
Sets me mind at ease

I’m breathing fast
I want to laugh
I’m gonna run
Through your dreams
Buddy your feeling low
Thats why your breathing slow
You need more love
In your scene
I’ll lay it on the table
I put my faith in your
Sweat heartbeat

I smile with every note
Even ones they stole
It doesn’t make them free
Confusion on the road
Can’t find which way to go
Makes me want to scream

I trade my eyes for more
I’m pounding on the floor
I play for you and me
It’s life that I adore
Feelings I will draw
Color what I see


Under The Rug, Steel Strung, Questions and Stories

Set List

I can do hours of both originals and covers.