Eric McGrath

Eric McGrath

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

“If men are born to do one thing with their life, Eric McGrath was born to make music for the world, with more musical talent than most artists currently peddling their wares in the charts today, we’ve fallen hook line and sinker for the tranquillity and nostalgic rhythms and lyrics of his music...”


Born in Dublin to a Spanish mother and an Irish father, Eric was raised on a healthy mix of eclectic sounds from around the globe. Soon finding a strong love of Latin grooves, 1920's North American song craftsmanship, and 1960's Surf harmonies, it wasn't long before Eric began to blend his diverse inspirations through his own unique compositions.

After completing an honours degree in Chemistry at University College Dublin, Eric finally succumbed to his true calling by obtaining a Masters in Music and Media from Trinity College Dublin.

Having gained significant radio play of his demo EP in early 2011, an eagerly anticipated debut album is due for release in 2012.

It is also worth noting that every instrument heard on his recordings (excluding drums) is played by Eric.

A wider audience awaits...


"My Demo" - EP. Received extensive radio airplay in early 2011 throughout Ireland.

"Little Ripples" - Debut Album ready to be released in 2012. Currently in discussions.