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" Review"

By Genevieve Will

Comparisons certainly cannot say it all, but I will argue that Eric Milano has all the soul, excellence of voice, and potential of Ben Harper or Blind Melon’s Shannon Hoon. Playing blues-style guitar with the confidence of a much older, seasoned musician, Milano busts out his self-titled solo debut as though he’s seen all there is to see.

Milano's straightforward style and sensual throaty vocals easily draw you into some kind of comfortable nostalgia you’re not sure why you share with him. With no regrets, I can dub him the best unsigned singer/songwriter I’ve heard. And what’s even better? This is his debut, and no doubt there’s more of his stirring bluesy soul to come.

Few voices have impressed me as much as Milano’s on his song “Right Is You,” with its near-gospel quality range and excellent lows and highs. The guitar solo, whom Milano attributes inspiration of to friend Eric Stolze, entirely encompasses the emotional virtue he invests in all of his tracks; the same quality I’m sure will be that which brings him due success.

“Alone No More” trudges through the sludge associated with getting over some sort of a relationship, with which anyone can undoubtedly connect. Among its other merits, of which the song has many, are more awesome vocals and that somewhat catchy heartfelt twang even country-music-haters everywhere can appreciate.

“Got Some Holes” and “Tuesday Came” remain two of my other favorites, both for the exceptional thought and consideration that clearly was involved in the lyrical creation as well as the billowing and swaying motion each mimics, so breath-like.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, the message isn’t too hard: Eric Milano is utterly remarkable. -


Eric Milano: Self Titled (Released 2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Eric Milano's self-titled debut, released independently in 2004, marks his first solo effort.  Formerly the lead singer of Ten Degree Lean, (New York City based pop-soul-blues rockers), the band called it quits when bandmate Chris Pickford was killed while saving lives as a fireman during the World Trade Center tragedy.
    Inspired by the memory of his charismatic and talented friend (always called "Super Chris" by his chums), Eric decided to go it alone in the studio.  Taking on the vast majority of the performance, recording, mixing and songwriting, Eric became his own back up band and rocked his songs to life during the hot nights of the New York City summer.
    Comparisons to The Wallflowers, Ben Harper, John Mayer, Counting Crows, Matchbox 20 and Ryan Adams have all been thrown his way, but none truly describe his style.  The record is a diverse collection of songs, no two sounding similar, yet all unmistakably branded with Eric's own sound; A sound that includes potent, emotive vocals, lyrics that flow from the soul, and music that'll grab your ear and hold on tight.