Eric Miller

Eric Miller

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Eric Miller is a Seattle based singer songwriter heavily rooted in American folk, blues, and jazz traditions. He is a versatile musician who can accommodate any atmosphere. He has been performing in the Pacific Northwest since the spring of 2003. He is currently performing solo acoustic, trio, and full band shows.


Combining the dependable genre of American Folk with the subtleties of Rock, Country, and Blues, Eric Miller provides authentic musical experiences to a variety of listeners. Whether dancing to an upbeat tune or soaking in the intricate lyrics of narrative prose, audiences delight in Eric's honest cordiality and impeccable musicianship.


Dear Darling

Written By: Eric Miller

Dear Darling,
I know you don’t need me,
You can make it out on your own.
But now that you’re gone,
My heart full of song
Is crying for you to come home.

I have tried seeing other people,
But they don’t ever seem to be
That diamond to my eye, dear darling
That you are to me.

I can’t sleep until the sunrise
‘Cause something don’t feel right.
I need you in my arms dear darling
Come on back tonight.

Frank O'Hara

Written By: Eric Miller

The white lines
Wind along the side streets
And Frank O’Hara’s in the back seat
The ghost of all his prose and poetry
I lean back
And breathe in a blank thought
You know I’m tired
And tied up in tight knots
It’s always something else
And you say it’s me

Well, who cares what they said,
I don’t need to regret it
Our love was a dream;
I woke up to forget it
We had time to try,
Now it’s time to say goodbye

Take that blade you bought
Back in Taiwan
And cut this tight-rope wire
That I’m on
Before the tension grows to Explode like a fire-works show.
You’ve got a lot of stones to throw,
So say the word and away I’ll go
As far as all the faded freeways flow

Who cares what they wrote,
I have already read it
Our love was a joke,
And I never did get it
We had time to try;
Now it’s time to say good…

…Bye, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba…

I played the hand
The way that you dealt it.
You said that you’d love me,
But I never felt it
We had time to try;
We had to time to try;
Now it’s time to say…

There’s water on the stove
For a cup of coffee
Call me on the phone honey,
If you want me
We had time to try;
Now it’s time to say goodbye

Take Care Of Yourself

Written By: Eric Miller

Take care of yourself,
You’re the only one that you’ve got.
Like it you may,
Or maybe like it as naught.
Do what you will,
And do what you do well.
But take care of yourself,
Come and sit for a spell.

Sing us a song,
We all know the verses by heart.
Or write a new rhyme,
Tear all the old ones apart.
Cast out a line,
Bring back what you lost
Once back in
Sing us a song,
Breathe in and begin.

Take a lazy day,
Float yourself downstream.
Don’t let what they say upset you.
Go out and play and don’t forget to…

Rest once in a while,
Forget all the fashion and fame.
Sit down by the fire,
Warm your soul
By the heat of the flames
Fill up your heart with laughter
And love once again
Rest once in a while
With your old friends.
Look after your health,
And take care of yourself.


"Beep Repaired Family Tree" -Compilation CD.
Released: 2006

"There Is Nothing For You Here" -Debut Full Length Album.
Released: Dec. 2009

"City Lights" - Full Length Album.
Released: Sept. 2012

Set List

Set lists depend on the venue and atmosphere of the gig. Typical repertoire focuses on original material; private/hired gig set lists include more covers. Full repertoire includes up to four 50 minutes sets.


There Is Nothing For You Here
Dear Darling
Frank O'Hara
For Fear Of The 4th Season
Hopeful Lover's Song
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Take Care of Yourself
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I Want To Stay
Old Oak Tree
Good Strong Coffee
A Pretty Good Man
Gypsy Fingers
Love You Still
Fashion's Fools
Daddy's Old '45
Orange and Red
I've Been Wrong Before
Fashion's Fools
Since I Met You
Spare Bed
Ballad Of Anne Marie
Watch The Clouds Rolls By
City Lights
Comin' Up Roses
Pack Your Bags
Nice To See You
Goodbye To You
Clouds Roll By
Everything's Okay
The Ghost of Jack Kerouac
My Love Will Let You Down


Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Sportin' Life Blues
You Can Close Your Eyes
Mama You Been On My