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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Pop Acoustic


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"Eric Ness - EP Review"

To succeed as a male singer-songwriter in this tough climate takes originality and talent in spades. Pleased to conclude then that Eric Ness wants for neither, judging by this neat little EP. The London-based songsmith has gone for quality over quantity with three tracks, all of which are very listenable.

‘All the things you are’ is a good way to start; a caffienated acoustic romp with the jumpy energy of pop-punk and embellished with brass. ‘Valentine’ is another pearl, a funky sound recalling Newton Faulkner, with a blues-rock edge. And then there’s ‘Supah glue’, a head-nodding quirkfest that nonetheless boasts a very satisfying chorus. What do these three songs tell us about Ness? Melodically and lyrically, he’s unique, ballsy; as a songwriter he’s infinitely more interesting than your average acoustic-singer. - Glasswerk

"Eric Ness - EP Review"

26th Feb 2010

Eric Ness E.P

So, once again we have to turn to Norway for a refreshing pop blast of glam-jazz; its been so long since a British band turned out some relevant Glam-Jazz Id almost forgotten how it sounded. Eric Ness E.P. kicks off with a burlesque, slick trumpet riff on All the things you are, as Ness harmonizes about his shortcoming, crafting nifty melodies accompanied by honky pianos and slick walking basslines pervade around his energetic delivery.

I hope the genre alone wont put off purist indie fans (whoever they are they sound like they all need a good meal) as all three songs here are remarkably accessible and, unlike some other singer-songwriters I could mention, he is completely lacking in self-conscious cool, laboured sounding pathos or loutish clichés based on chavvy nights out. Ness concerns himself more with consistently engaging songwriting, sneaky play on words and gleeful harmonies (see the opening to Supah Glue) the 12 or so minutes of music on display here show more musical inventiveness and catchy melodies than most artists entire careers.

This E.P was in support of Ness first visit to the U.K earlier this year and it would be a real shame if he didnt get the recognition it deserved as the songs twist and turn with the emphasis on pop rather than mere instrumental exhibitionism and lyrically hes never less than engaging.


Daniel Burt - Skiddle

"Eric Ness - Artist Preview"

Eric Ness pumps more energy and sincerity into his music than most, and matches it with a massive dose of tremendous talent. His songs are catchy, clever and a joy to listen to. 'All The Things You Are' is the first single off Eric's brand new EP, and it's an absolute barnstormer. Check it out on his website ( Make sure you catch him live. You'll love it. - Swistic Ming

"Eric Ness - EP Review"

It’s not often, as a journalist, that you get to review a Norwegian glam-jazz CD. In fact, I think this may be the first and only time this opportunity will ever present itself to me. And despite the ridiculous moniker of his chosen genre, Eric Ness really doesn’t disappoint!

Eric Ness’ three-track EP is packed full of heart and soul; strummed indie-style guitars intermingle with trumpets and pianos to create a truly unique and interesting sound. Lead single All The Things You Are has an air of the gypsy-punk about it; its stripped down, uncomplicated structure is refreshing and unlike anything in the charts right now. Similarly Valentine is catchy and sweet, fuelled by a bluesy piano line that drives it forward at tremendous pace. Adding to the blissful insanity of Eric Ness’ music, closer Supah Glue wouldn’t sound out of place on the Grease soundtrack. As the song ‘doo-wops’ its way along, layer upon layer of harmonised vocals are added, giving the song an extra dimension. Throughout these three songs, Ness’ voice is consistently slick and emotional, the perfect vocals for this madcap meander through music.

Playful, inventive and upbeat, Eric Ness’ music appears to be the result of an odd smelting accident, combining the best bits of Fleetwood Mac, the Animal Liberation Orchestra and the Beach Boys, and throwing in a brass section for good measure! The easy-going inoffensiveness apparent in Ness’ songs is a fantastic release from the self-important pop music found in today’s charts, and is pure, unadulterated escapism.

Eric Ness’ EP is out now
More info can be found at - Hercules Moments

"Eric Ness - One To Watch"

“...more musical inventiveness and catchy melodies than most artists entire careers.” - Skiddle ‘All The Things You Are’ is the first single off Eric Ness’ brand spankin new EP. Reviews describe Eric’s first single as “...a caffeinated acoustic romp with the jumpy energy of pop-punk and embellished with brass.”(glasswerk).

His second single ‘Valentine’ is equally energetic with a dash of funk and a bluesy rock edge. His last song ‘Supah Glue’, kick starts with wicked harmonies and enough upbeat playfulness to cure a wretched hangover. Eric delivers a catchy, charming, and vulnerable approach to his music that is well deserving of recognition.

Originally from Larvik, Norway, Eric moved to London in 2006 to study music and pursue his career. His musical influences include Django Reinhardt, The Beach Boys and Tom Waits. The First Eric Ness appearance took place in Camden Town, London, 2008. He has enjoyed a busy gig schedule ever since including venues such as Barfly, Proud Camden, and Water Rats.

Since his EP release, Eric has received impressive live-reviews and articles in various newspapers in both Norway and in the UK.

“Unique, ballsy; as a songwriter he’s infinitely more interesting...” - Glasswerk - RawMg

"Eric Ness - EP Review"

I’ve walked through the nicotine stained double doors into a room with sawdust on the floor and a spittoon at the end of the highly polished wooden bar. The air is thick with smoke and there’s a piano in the corner.

Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but in my head that’s the place I was sent went first listening to Eric Ness’ music. His style is reminiscent of a good ol’ Cockney knees up of old, but this blond man in a hat hails from Norway not Bethnal Green. His chirpy lyrics and fun upbeat sound resonates out of the speakers, grabs you by the hands and asks you to dance.

All the things you are is the first single from the EP and for me it is the eau d’Eric. It captures the simple, stripped back and although I’m hesitant to say it, retro feel his music brings. It’s as if he’s taken a step back and had a good look at the current music scene and filled it will an eclectic mix of ragged jazz and bouncy band music.

Supah Glue is a love song, as are all three songs in their own way, it makes you smile and wish for the heady days of a blossoming relationship. With its barbershop quartet esq. beginning and slightly floaty feel, it leaves you in a happy place. Valentine opens with a catchy guitar rift that gets you tapping your feet or playing drums on the desk. The beat is easy with horns being introduced in an instrumental section towards the end of the song.

It will be exciting to see where Eric goes next. The fresh ‘bare bones’ sound and his quirky style are bound to be music to the ears of many. The songs lend themselves to the freedom of the summer and I can see the trendy East London set blasting Eric Ness from their new, made to look old sound systems while barbequing their vegetarian sausages. My only niggle is that, as the sound is so specific it could become samey over time, if new ideas aren’t introduced. All in all it’s a promising and uplifting EP from an interesting and real individual.

By Alexandra Glacet - RawMg

"Pop-Up & See Eric Ness"

I ventured into Clerkenwell Road on Saturday the 26th, I haven’t been to Clerkenwell Road before and this was something that was very clear whilst Sabina and myself desperately tried to navigate ourselves to a pop-up bar to go and see Eric Ness perform. So who is Eric Ness? Not only is he the boyfriend of one of my favourite people, he’s also the nicest guy ever who is one of the big sounds of the Summer.

The venue itself wasn’t one of my personal choice, I got the vibe of the place it was this like cool little hangout that had cool art all over the walls, but there was something so unnatural to the place, the only thing that kept me from running out was the fact that Eric was set to play. It was a bit of a mission to find the place but when we did we went upstairs and chilled out with Eric and his friend’s before he took to the stage. Eric isn’t actually from London, although his music sounds like it is straight out of Camden, he’s actually Norwegian.

If you listen closely to Eric’s songs and hear the lyrics you’re likely to find something that you can relate too, with some humorous little jokes in certain parts, the sound itself is like a mixture of pop, indie, big band, and there is even a hint of jazz, but at the same time it’s all very fresh and updated. Eric was amazing on the night and really held the crowd, had everyone singing and just kept an up-beat atmosphere to the evening.

Sabina and I left early as we didn’t want to miss the last train (we nearly did) and because we wanted to grab some food on the way (we did – from Pixxa on the Move seriously the most amazing pizza I’ve ever eaten and I’m Italian) and then we headed on our way. It was the perfect night to go and listen to Eric and one thing was for sure, he made a very big impression considering this is the first time I’ve ever heard him play live but I’ve got to say it will not be the last time I see him play live either.

If you want to hear Eric Ness’ music then look no further than his official MySpace and prepare to hear some amazing tracks. - Its Joseph Norman

"Vulture Garden Party"

"...Headlining the night was Norwegian Glam Jazzer Eric Ness - Eric comes complete with a 6...sometimes 7-piece band! Each musician delivers such energy and diversity to the performance. Even before the set began, I knew it was going to be a unque experience and completely different from any band in London. Eric's music takes you back to the best of swing, jazz, and big band, it's a musical journey and a celebration of some of the best musical genres all packed into one band! The back-up singers added the perfect touch of sweetness to the show and the flute and mandolin enhance Eric's incredibly unique sound. Overall this is the type of band you have to see live - the energy and engaging style gets the crowd going and Eric encouraged the crowd to get up and dance! If you can, check out Eric's next performance at Proud Camden on Tues 03 Aug alongside new projects from Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, and Milburn." - Gig Junkie

"REVIEW: I (Heart) presents: Eric Ness"

"...Next up was Norwegian rocker Eric Ness. Eric Ness puts on a spectacular performance difficult to describe! Picture two dancing back-up singers, double-bass, a mandolin and flute producing one of the most eclectic sounds on the live scene at the moment. Eric and his 7-piece band had incredible energy and they were so engaging with the audience, fans definitely got their money worth because this band entertained the hell out of the crowd. The sound and the lyrics were so unique, a combination of big band, jazz, acoustic and classic rock n' roll. If you want to be truly entertained and listen to music that lifts your spirits and has you dancing, check out Mr.Ness at Barfly on 30th Aug." - Gig Junkie

"Eric Ness at Proud Camden"

Standing in the South Gallery of Proud Camden waiting for Eric Ness to come on stage, I was worried. I had just watched new band The Invasion Of come on stage with the personality of a wart, play like they had never actually met each other.

The crowd in the room was a bizarre mix of people, none of who looked like they were enjoying themselves (with the exception of Big Brother’s Nikki Graham who was milling about the room like a demented Barbie doll posing for photos). All in all – things weren’t looking good.

And then, like a musical messiah, Eric Ness and his band appeared on stage and turned the flavourless atmosphere on its head with an injection of raw, unadulterated fun.

With his blonde hair sticking out under a trilby, guitar in hands and wearing wide rimmed geek-chic specs Ness looked every inch the Norwegian glam-jazz god. However he certainly wasn’t the only personality on stage as his six-piece supporting band completed the mise-en-scene. Standing next to him were two backing singers decked out in sexy black dresses, one of them welding a flute, both wearing massive smiles. Behind them were a mandolin player, a guy on double base and another guitar player. As they greeted the crowd and leapt into the first track they displayed the kind of unity that was sorely missing from the previous performance.

What ensued was an infectious performance that had even the most aloof and trendy spectators tapping their toes with gay abandon. Ness added the perfect amount of interaction with the room, chatting between songs and getting everyone to sing along during Valentine, one of the more memorable tracks. The music itself was a cluster of genres referencing pop, blues, jazz and swing. The soaring melodies and catchy riffs were complimented amazingly with the array of instruments. I mean who can argue with a mandolin? No one in Proud Camden that was for damn sure.

After the set the room was buzzing. The uplifting nature of the band seemed to have caught on and spread throughout the room. As the crowd trickled out I managed to grab Henrietta – the flute playing singer – for a quick chat. She gushed about how much fun it was to play with Eric and how well everybody in the band got on. She needn’t have said it, as that was obviously the case.

When something so refreshingly unique comes along it’s hard not to get excited. It was a fabulous performance and entirely enjoyable; I needn’t have worried at all. - The London Word

"I (heart) Eric Ness"

TUESDAY 3RD AUGUST: Right so you might have been wondering what else I’ve been doing besides going to Proud. Well I have been working hard on some really exciting projects and my BlackBerry died! Luckily my BlackBerry was still in warranty so Carphone Warehouse had it, couldn’t fix it and returned a brand new one within a week. So now that my life is back in funk expect many more posts. I’m also intending to get a little more personal with my posts so you’ll be getting more work and social life posts. ANYWAY.

I find myself getting more and more brutal with every post. Pretty soon I’ll repost that Britain’s Next Top Model piece where I’ll finally tell you how rude Elle Macpherson actually was but until then… I (Heart) (get the joke!) is a promotions group that do events at Proud, I’ve never been to one, but when I found out Eric Ness was performing I was quickly added to the list and roped my friend Heather into attending the event with me where The Invasion were also set to perform (The Invasion’s drummer is Gary Powell who is in the Libertines). Anyway Heather and I got there way early, there was no one there, then we realised that it wasn’t just because we were early. We talked a bit and waited for something to happen. Eventually Heather and I met a journalists from Hot Press who was set to interview Gary Powell. He had 10 drink tokens and bought Heather and I some drinks so I was happy. He then went somewhere, and Heather and I got some time to chat to one of the band member’s from Eric Ness’ band who was from Canada and was one of the cheeriest people alive.

We all went into the South Gallery to watch The Invasion and we all witnessed the most perverse thing of all time! Nikki Grahame, front and centre cheering Gary on (apparently they are best friends!). What was weird was the dead crowd. Everyone was stiff and and the journalist from Hot Press pointed out there were two couples behind us that were really enjoying themselves, but they were over 40 and were probably the parent’s of the band members. No one really knew what was going on. Heather and I took a break outside to get away from whatever wasn’t going on but then returned to see Eric Ness take the stage which was a breath of fresh air. He started playing his set and it looked as though the darkest, rainiest, thunderous clouds finally rolled back and the sun appeared in the form of a jazz-pop fusion also known as Eric Ness.

He was the perfect injection of fun and managed to turn a crowd of really bored indie scenesters into what looked like an excited line of kids receiving a free 99 flake ice cream with the red sauce. Eric even got the whole room singing along to one of his songs – that’s one thing you can’t deny about Eric and his fabulous band, he can work a crowd better than anyone. His little bits of banter with the audience and his upbeat music worked wonders and what initially felt like a nightmare slowly melted away whilst he sang his songs with his huge six-piece band that provided copious amounts of energy and the night finally started. I was standing there trying to decide on my favourite Eric song, considering I’ve had his EP on nearly every playlist on my iPod I should have some idea but each song is so different that you can’t decide.

The performance was fabulous and didn’t fail to disappoint – nothing new there. Two massive thumbs up are due for Eric because not only did he bring an electric atmosphere into a room but he also produces the most infectious music that will get you toe tapping and crazily excited no matter where you are.

We also got the chance to chat away with Nikki Grahame, having previously met her at the Jeans for Genes party I didn’t really leave with the greatest feeling for her however when I met her this time she was far more comfortable and really sweet in fact I would go as far to say that I can see why Gary Powell and her are BFFs!

So to sum up, well done I (Heart) produced a great night well worth checking out, we’ll pretend The Invasion didn’t happen and well done Eric, a stellar performance. - Its Joseph Norman

"Musician Eric Ness"

When London Word writer Gabriella Griffith went to Eric Ness’ last gig at Proud in Camden, she described his ‘refreshingly unique’ performance as ‘raw, unadulterated fun’.

The Norwegian born singer songwriter’s energetic, feelgood music, often described as ‘glam-jazz’, has won him a growing army of fans, especially in his current hometown of London. I caught up with him over a coffee or two to talk hats, love songs, stalkers and erm, Susan Boyle.

Let’s start at the beginning – how did you start out as a musician?

‘I started this project back in 2008. I was in a rock band before that – that didn’t really work out so I figured, I have a big catalogue of songs that I’ve been writing for fun over the years, so why don’t I try to put my own band together? We had our first gig and it went really well. Over the years my band’s changed a lot though, there’s only one member that’s still the same.’

You seem to have a very eclectic band, including a mandolin, a flute and a double bass…

‘Yes, that’s the new band, I think they’re sticking with me now! I have a lot of friends who are really good musicians, so I’ve been calling in favours and getting them to play for me. But then a while ago I decided I really wanted a steady band, so I got this great group of people together who are all very talented musicians in their own right.’

People say you’re a fantastic live performer and great at involving the audience. Tell me a bit about your live show.

‘I think that there’s a lot of energy in our show, I guess that’s the key element when we play – we’re all really happy to be there, we have a lot of fun and we’re not afraid to show it. We jump around and have a good time.’

What’s been your best and worst gig so far?

‘I think the best gig has to be the previous one that we played at Proud, that was a lot of fun – lots of people and everything just came together, it was a great night. As for the worst, I don’t know how to pick out a single one, everyone has to go through a lot of bad gigs! We just carry on and play though. There’ll be some gigs where there are just four people in the corner watching you, but we still play and give it everything we’ve got.’

What is the inspiration behind All The Things You Are, the first single from your EP?

‘Well, it’s about love. I suppose that’s the answer you normally get! It’s a little ramble. I ramble a lot in my songs, I’m very impulsive when I write. It’s set in that very trendy east London scene, I don’t like all of that very much. So in the song I’m trying to get with this girl, well, the guy in the song is, it may be me, it may not!’

You’re originally from Norway – what made you move to London?

‘Music. I wanted to be a musician so I came over here about seven years ago, studied music for a while and then just kept trying to get a break. Still trying! But things are looking good at the moment.’

Where do you live?

‘I live in Camden at the moment, I love it there.’

What’s your favourite way to spend a lazy London Sunday afternoon?

‘I love Brick Lane, going to the market there. My house is also good…sometimes I just like staying on my couch. I also really like Camden Market. I think that’s the best place in London, and I go there a lot on Sundays. I’ve bought so many Christmas presents there, then you can tell people it’s from some designer shop in London!’

What’s the worst thing about London?

‘I’m from a place that’s only five minutes from the sea, so I really miss the ocean when I’m here, and the outdoors.’

We have Brighton Beach! It’s not that far away on the train…

‘It’s full of big rocks! Brighton’s a great place though, I’d love to play there.’

Do you have a favourite current band or performer?

‘There are a lot of very different bands that I like, but most of them are older bands, not really current.’

What would you say have been your biggest influences?

‘I grew up listening to rock and heavy metal, I don’t know if that has influenced me, I mean, I suppose it doesn’t really sound like it. But I think the energy in my music comes from the rock, and I’ve been in a lot of rock bands over the years. Then when I was starting out in music, I played a lot of jazz. I actually found it really boring, but I liked the chords and the melodies and I think that’s influenced my current music.’

What do you think of The X Factor and other reality music shows?

‘I just think ‘good for them’. I wouldn’t do it myself, but I don’t mind it really. It’s often easy come, easy go with those shows as well, most of them fade away after a few weeks. Apart from Susan Boyle. Actually, I really hate Susan Boyle. You can write that down. Oh my God. She’s just so average, I don’t understand it at all.’

Have you always wanted to be a singer?

‘Yes, always. I remember when I was six and I used to just play ‘band’ with my brother, using a tennis racket as a guitar and jumping around to Guns ‘n’ Roses. I never wanted to do anything else. If I couldn’t do music now I think maybe I’d be a taxi driver. I like cars, and it could be quite fun.’

Have you got any weird and wonderful fans?

‘Oh yes, a few. Nothing too weird, but there have been some strange people. I don’t really want to tell you, they might read it! It was only 40 per cent weird what they did. Or maybe 60 per cent…’

Tell us!

‘I’ll tell you one day.’

Oh ok then. On to one for the ladies. Have you ever serenaded anyone?

‘Kind of…but not really, I get too shy. I tried to serenade my girlfriend once but it just didn’t work, she started laughing at me.’

So you’re more confident playing in front of a big crowd than in front of someone who knows you well?

‘Definitely. I’d say the bigger the crowd, the easier the gig.’

I spent a significant amount of time this morning on Google attempting to find a picture of you without a hat, and failed miserably. Does the hat ever come off?

‘Yes, it does come off [lifts hat to prove it isn’t attached to his head]. I wear my hat a lot, it’s part of who I am really. It’s the Eric Ness hat! My name is actually different, it’s a Norwegian name, so I take on this persona when I perform, I put on the hat and become someone different.’

Is it always the same hat or do you have a collection of Eric Ness hats?

‘I do have a lot of different hats, but I usually wear this one when I play. It’s probably time for me to get a new hat actually. This hat’s had a good trip!’

You should keep it and sell it on eBay when you’re really famous…

‘Yes, to that weird fan!’

So what’s next for you and the band?

‘We have a gig on 30 August at Barfly in Camden. There’s a big headliner playing that gig as well, I think I know who it is, but I don’t want to say anything just in case it isn’t them. I’ve also got a video coming out, it’s going to be a really fun music video and it should be out at the end of August. I can fly in that video, and I have all these different heads. It’s going to be really cool.’

And after that?

‘I’m going to America on a mini tour in September, and after that I’m going to take it as it comes.’ - The London Word - Lottie O'Conor

"Reviews \\ Eric Ness @ Proud, Camden London"

"...Next up was Norwegian born, Camden-based musician Eric Ness. Supported by a seven-piece band, Ness skilfully fused jazz, pop, and swing sounds. The singer/songwriter had the crowd dancing up a storm with his energetic brand of music. The back-up singers added a feminine element and charmed the male members of the audience with seductive dance moves and sultry voices. Among the other seven instruments on stage were a double bass and a mandolin, adding depth to the sound. " - Glasswerk - Emma Hope


Eric Ness EP 2009 - Tracks:
1. All The Things You Are
2. Valentine
3. Supah Glue

Eric Ness EP 2009 Available On:


Appearing on EP 2009: Jonas Vemoy, Lars Stovland, Anders Jakobsen, Jan Olav Renvaag



Eric Ness Bio - 2010

“...more musical inventiveness and catchy melodies than most artists entire careers.” - Skiddle

Eric Ness is a Norwegian Singer/Songwriter residing in the heart of Camden, London. He has spent this past year developing his sound - best described as Glam Jazz - and completely revamping his entire band with the addition of 2 glorious female back-up singers, a Canadian mandolin player and a brand new guitar/back-up singer.

His new sound has received incredibly positive reviews from the likes of The London Word, Gig Junkie, Glasswerk and RawMg Magazine. What sets Eric Ness apart from the rest is his impressive live performance and his delightful lyrics. His latest EP is packed full of heart and soul with indie-style guitar strums intermingled with trumpets, pianos and harmonised vocals to create a totally unique stripped down sound. What is a live performance by Eric Ness like? I think The London Word said it best: “Eric Ness and his band appeared on stage and turned the flavourless atmosphere on its head with an injection of raw, unadulterated fun".

Eric, so early in his career, has already been described as a “musical messiah” and “unlike anything in the charts right now”. With a new band line-up, the most inventive and energetic live act on the scene and his first ever music video…this is Eric’s year to shine in all his Norwegian Glam Jazz glory!

“Unique, ballsy; as a songwriter he’s in?nitely more interesting...” - Glasswerk

Contact - Joss Frank:
mobile: 079 2975 8410

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