Eric Noden

Eric Noden


“foot-stomping, guitar banging acoustic blues” Best Local Solo Artist -- 2001 Audience Winners, Chicago Citysearch


Best know for his command of early 20’s and 30’s acoustic blues, Eric Noden’s style reflects his influences--early blues masters like Reverend Gary Davis, Tommy Johnson and Mississippi John Hurt. Blues Critic David Whiteis has called Eric’s knowledge of early blues styles “Encyclopedic” Noden’s rhythmic finger-picked guitar and barrelhouse piano playing blends perfectly with his well traveled voice. From the Carolinas to the Mississippi delta Eric takes his audience on a journey through many moods and styles of American music. With one foot in the past and one in the present, Eric Noden is a unique voice in American roots music.

Noden was born in the late 60’s near Kent, Ohio, a small college town that offered a rich music scene including blues, folk and underground rock. Eric started off playing the electric guitar and soon migrated to the solo acoustic blues styles that local musicians Andy Cohen and Jack Dielasandro were playing. “I was drawn to the finger-picking style of blues because I felt it had a lot of soul and the guitar playing was so percussive and dynamic’ says Eric. While living in Kent, OH Eric also joined a Gospel group which helped shape his singing style. “We traveled all around Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania playing at storefront and country churches everywhere. It was a real education for me in a style of music that shares a lot of history with the blues” says Eric.

Chicago, IL has been Noden’s home since 1994 when he left northeast Ohio for the bright lights of Chicago. Eric’s acoustic blues style quickly became a staple on the Chicago music scene performing often at Buddy Guys’s Legends the House of Blues and the Chicago Blues Festival. Eric also taught acoustic blues at the legendary Old Town School of Folk Music where Big Bill Broonzy once taught workshops. Eric has performed with many Chicago legends including Billy Boy Arnold, Erwin Helfer, Devil in a Woodpile, Joe Filisko and Barrelhouse Chuck. Today Eric mainly plays solo but he will occasionally work as a duo or with a band.

55 Highway was Eric’s first CD on Diving Duck Records which featured the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Reverend Gary Davis and Blind Lemon Jefferson. From Charley Patton like guitar rhythms of 55 Highway to the sophisticated jazz harmonies of King Porter Stomp this album put Eric on the map in the blues and roots music world. Blues Revue magazine said "Eric Noden is a foot-stomping, guitar-banging acoustic bluesman whose disc is full of tasty licks and hearty vocals." The cd’s focus on Eric’s finger-style guitar playing has made it a cult favorite of guitar players.

Noden’s latest cd Midwest Blues has drawn praise from critics and fans alike around the world who listen to blues and roots music. Midwest Blues features Noden’s brilliant guitar work as well as his energetic piano playing. Sing Out magazine described the piano cuts on Midwest Blues as a “tour de force original showcase of hard-driving, barrelhouse piano pounding.” This album also introduces Eric as a songwriter with 7 original songs that blend seamlessly with songs from the 20’s and 30’s. The last Cut on the CD “Black Cat Bone” finds Noden mixing New Orleans Blues with Caribbean sounds on the piano. Special guest musicians on “Midwest Blues” include Rick Sherry and Tom V. Ray of Devil in a Woodpile.

Eric Noden is a performer who delivers, an acoustic blues artist who energizes the traditions of the past and creates the traditions of the future.

"As a spiritual heir to Chicago blues guitarists of the '20s and '30s like Tampa Red and Big Bill Broonzy, this multi-talented acoustic artist fills an important niche in the city's mostly plugged-in blues scene, fortunately for us, with style and skill" – Illinois Entertainer

American Music Fest, Blues on the Fox, Changing of Leaves Fest, Chicago Blues Fest, Chicago Folk & Roots Fest, Cuneo Gardens Arts Fair, Deerfield Arts Walk, Manor Bash, Two Way Street Concert Series, Warrenville Folk Festival – IL / Blues and BBQ Fest – MO / Eureka Springs Blues Fest – AR / Shermanfest –WI / White River Folk Fest – IN / Kent State Folk Fest – OH / LMNOP Fest – LA / Mississippi Valley Blues Fest – IA / Mississippi John Hurt Blues Festival – MS / Harmonic Convergence Festival – NC / Blues to the Point – KY / Alaska State Fair

Venues: (solo acoustic performance) Bill’s Blues, Buddy Guys Legends, Candlelight, Charleston Tavern, Chicago Art Museum, Chicago Cultural Center, Fitzgerald’s, The Hideout, Hothouse, House of Blues, Martyrs’, Old Town School of Folk Music, Pilcher Park Nature Center - IL / Bombers, The Charleston, Crystal, Gallery Cabaret, Hotel Metro, Liquid Johnny’s, Milwaukee Ale House, Mother Fool’s, Morton’s Wisconsin Inn, The Saloon, Wildman’s Whitewater Ranch, U of W at Madison, The Uptowner – WI / The Sanctuary, Under the Water Tower Concert Series, River Music Experience – IA / The Slippe



Written By: Eric Noden

River Town

Ain't got a twenty ain't got a ten
Ain't had no good luck since I don't know when
Went up to the country, and the blues come down
Spent all my money in a river town

River town river town

I'm broke down baby, now can't you see
On the roadside in Tennessee
Blew a gasket or cracked a head
The road I was riding come to an end
To an end to an end

If I had listened to my second mind
I wouldn't have lost that last dollar of mine
The ink is flowing from black to red
Ain't no use tryin' to stay ahead

I got a fifth of whisky, got a fifth of gin
Ain't had no good luck since I don't know when
Lookin' on the floor for pocket change
Left around from a better day
Better day better day

If you hear me knockin', just let me in
Ain't had no good luck since I don't know when
Tell you baby what I'm tryin' to do
Get some scratch just to make it through
Make it through make it through

Repeat 1st verse


Ain't got a twenty ain't got a ten
Someone tryin' to steal my money again
You can push and you can pry
Just to find one lousy dime
Lousy dime lousy dime

Shelby County

Written By: Eric Noden

helby County

The snow is fallin' down
In this old Midwestern town
My good gal done quit me
I can't hear her voice man
I can't hear a sound

I'm leaving in the morning
You know it won't be long
Look for me, yeah, look for me
Look for you, know that I'll be gone

Shelby County bound

I don't mind the ice and snow
I just hate to see my good gal go
I'm going where the sun is shining
And the sky is all painted in blue

I'm leaving in the morning
You know it won't be long
Look for me, yeah, look for me
Look for me awhile, and I'll be gone

Shelby County bound


I'm going down Shelby County
Memphis, Tennessee
Tell my good friend Jerome
Save me a seat down at the P and H Cafe

Take a Chance on Me

Written By: Eric Noden

Take a Chance on Me

Baby take a chance on me
Baby take a chance on me
Won't you come baby, now take a chance on me

I've been workin' both night and day
just tryin' to make it through
I've been workin' every day tryin' to make a dollar or two

Up in Chicago
Up in Chicago
Up in Chicago with the cold ice and snow

In the evening when the sun goes down
in the evening when the sun goes down
You know I'm waiting for you to come around

Goin to the country baby
Baby don't you want to go
Going to the country
and I won't be back no more


Fox and Branch
Bootlegger's Blues, Fox and Branch - 2001

Eric Noden
55 Highway, Diving Duck Records - 2003

Eric Noden
Midwest Blues, Diving Duck Records - 2004

Eric Noden / Joe Filisko
Filisko & Noden Live, Diving Duck Records - 2006

Set List

Sample Set List -

Key To the Highway-Big BIll Broonzy
Willie Mae Blues--Big BIll Broonzy
Stealin'--Memphis Jug Band
RiverTown--Eric Noden
Midwest Blues--Eric Noden
Take a Chance on Me--Eric Noden
King Porter Stomp--Jelly Roll Morton
Michigan Water Blues--Jelly Roll Morton
Red Line Special--Eric Noden
Shelby County Bound--Eric Noden
Catfish Blues--Robert Petway
Maggie Campbell Blues--Tommy Johnson
Canned Heat Blues--Tommy Johnson
Kindhearted Woman Blues--Robert Johnson
Who's Been Talkin--Howlin' Wolf
Bay Rum Blues--Gwen Foster
Let Us Get Together--Rev. Gary Davis
I heard The Angels Singing--Rev. Gary Davis
Louis Collins--Mississippi John Hurt
Make Me Down a Pallet--Mississippi John Hurt
Death Letter Blues--Son House
Georgia Crawl--Eddie Anthony
Statesboro Blues--Blind Willie McTell
Dark Road Blues--Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee
Big Road Blues--Tommy Johnson
What's on Your Mind--Eric Noden
Tipitina--Professor Longhair
Got the Blues Can't Be Satisfied--Miss