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26 Cents and a Week to Go

Written By: Eric Rafoth

(Verse 1)

I stared at my old wallet
as you emptied out your purse
If you were in it for the money honey
You couldn't have done much worse
All that fell out on the table
Was a quarter and a penny
We counted all our treasures up
And found we had so many of those

Twenty-Six cents and a week to go
Before I get another paycheck
A quarter and a penny doesn't go to far
But darling I know we're gonna make it
With a little bit of money and a lot of love
And the goo Lord watching over us above
I'm the richest man I know
With twenty-six cents and a week to go

(Verse 2)

So we gathered up our coupons
And our buy-one-get-one-frees
Then hand in hand we said a prayer
in the kitchen on our knees
If I ever had a second thought
I lost it in a minute
It couldn't be more clear to me that both of us were in it for love


For what we have they can't put a price on
We knew if from the day they threw the rice on us