Eric Hillman

Eric Hillman


You cant stop rock and roll....


At 26, studyied every style under the sun. Quickly getting known around Los Angeles guitar scene as the go to guy for all kinds of guitar gigs. Also a talented touring guitar tech currently contracted with rock band 311. When not on the road Eric can be found at his steady and well respected L.A. gig.

Set List

I perform in a dueling piano show at Universal Citywalk. The show runs from tuesday through sunday. We do all requests with very, very few exceptions. In an average night we'll do Guns n roses, rage against the machine, garth brooks, tears for fears... the list goes on. It is an improv based "by ear" player scene. All the players have to be on top of there game at all times and bring our ears minds, and personalities to the table as well. It is a very popular club and does well with all ages and crowds.