Eric Sanicola

Eric Sanicola


A distinctive blend of hit songs across diverse musical genres are composed by an established producer and performed by a variety of experienced vocalists. This combination allows for several unique performance possibilites while accommodating diverse audiences and venues.


Some who attain success can attribute their good fortune to luck while others seem to be able to manipulate the world around them through hard work and dedication. Such is the case with 26 year old solo artist, Eric Sanicola.

At the age of 18, Eric began his career at the renowned Cove City Sound Studios in New York. By observing various writers and artists, Eric quickly learned the formula for writing hit songs. He often stayed late writing his own compositions, gradually bringing his production level to new heights. He soon became recognized by the legendary and Grammy award winning super-producer, Ric Wake, who was responsible for the success of Taylor Dayne, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez among others.

In January of 2002 Eric signed a publishing and production deal with Wake Entertainment which led to impressive projects for Corbin Bleu, Walt Disney, Pink, Thalia, Michael Bolton, Anastacia, Kimberly Locke, Jurassic 5, Paulina Rubio and Ali Vegas. He also produced the international singles "Hurt So Bad" for best-selling "Australian Idol", Anthony Callea; "No Doubt" for Asian superstar Coco Lee; and “It’s Yours” and "Get Me Home" for European R&B sensation, Rhea, rewarding him with two top twenty singles on Canadian radio. Recently, Eric found his greatest success with Hollywood Records, composing Marié Digby’s newly released first single, “Say It Again”.

Eric's versatility expands to commercials and motion pictures with writing credits on Fanta's "Don't Ya Wanna Fanta" campaign and production work on Walt Disney’s feature film “Enchanted”, starring Susan Sarandon and Patrick Dempsey. Independent film makers like Emilio Ferrari and the festival award winning director, Rik Cordero, have also turned to Eric for their music production needs.

With a new solo career in mind, Eric now composes and produces a unique blend of hit songs across diverse musical genres performed by various up and coming vocalists. Meanwhile, he will continue to astound music enthusiasts while further developing his natural ability to create complex and sonically layered compositions.


Throwing Rocks

Written By: Eric Sanicola

Wasnt ready for so much all at once
Guess you just blew my mind
It was so hot so fast kinda felt it was the
Right thing at the wrong time

Trippin over Galaxies Flyin Till it blinded me
Got to close to the sun

And it Feels like I've been fallin So into you
And I cant let go I'm
missin the rose colored glasses you let me look through
No matter what I do
Feels like I'm throwin rocks at the moon

Wish we still had those castles in the sky
Howd I misunderstand
When the stars were so close I could reach out I could
touch them all with my hand

Sittin on the ground again waitin for my wings to mend
Till I fly back to you


Seems like things might never be right
Till Im with you again
I let you go its true you dont know
what youve got till it ends

C out

Your Favorite Song

Written By: Eric Sanicola

Now I was driving in my car on the way home
And the cd was sk- skippin so I tunred on the radio
And they were playin this song that made me think of you
Cause it was just the type of thing that I could see you listenin to

Now I heard it but I forget how it goes it sounded like one of your favorite songs.
In the back of my mind I still hear it goin do do do do do do do do do do
Now I heard it but I forget how it goes it sounded like one of your favorite songs.
In the back of my mind I still hear it goin do do do do do do do do do do

It was somethin like R&B, with a touch of Kanye West.
It had that Usher kinda flavor, it was on some real pimp shit.
It was about a girl so beautiful, kinda reminded me of you.
And she was drivin them crazy just doin what beautiful girls do.

Then in the middle of singin about her suddenly out of nowhere the beat just stopped.
And he whispered somethin about her then I turned the song up louder thinkin damn my girl would like this a lot.

Repeat chorus

You see I almost changed the station until I heard him sing this line.
He said baby you're my inspiration and it was like he read my mind. So I started drivin faster, I knew I had to get home.
So I could start writin about you and how much you'd enjoy that song.

Then in the middle of singin about her suddenly out of nowhere the beat just stopped and he whispered somethin bout her then I turned the song up louder thinkin damn my girl would like the a lot.

Repeat chorus

Every time they play that song I think of you. Whenever i hear that melody.
Adnd the first time you hear it I just hope I'm there cause then I know you'll see what I mean

Repeat chorus x 2


Smallville (CW11)
“Say it Again” – Writing

Marie Digby (Hollywood)
“Say it Again” – Writing

Corbin Bleu (Hollywood)
Another Side-2007
“Marchin” - Additional Production

Paulina Rubio (Universal)
“En-Oh” - Writing/Co-production
“Beautiful Lie” - Additional Production

Don Dinero (Universal)
El Ultimo Guerrero-2006
“No Puedo Vivir” - Writing/Production

David Bisbal (Vale)
“Warmin Up” - Co-production

Michael Bolton (Passion)
Till the End of Forever-2005
“Still the Love of My Life” - Writing/Programming

Anthony Callea (Sony)
Anthony Callea-2005
“Hurt So Bad” – Production

Coco Lee (Sony International)
“Step In” - Writing/Add. Production
“DJ Song” - Writing/Add. Production
“No Doubt” - Writing/Add. Production
“All Around the World” - Writing/Add. Production
“Hush”- Writing/Additional Production
“Music We Make”- Writing/Additional Production

Thalia (Sony)
“Baby I’m in Love” – Programming

Jonathan Pierce (Curb)
For You-2003
“Still the Love of My Life” - Writing/Programming

Kelly Osbourne (Sony)
“Shut Up” – Engineering

Anastacia (Sony)
“Friday, Saturday, Sunday” – Writing

Jennifer Lopez (Sony)
“It Was You” - Writing/Add. Production (unreleased)
“Out on the Floor” – Programming (unreleased)
“The One” remix – Co-Production
“I’m Glad” remix – Co-production/Performance

Play (Sony)
“What is Love” – Programming

Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack (Asia)-2003
“All Around the World” - Writing/Add. Production

Walt Disney Pictures
Enchanted Soundtrack-To Be Released
“How Do You Know” - Add. Production
“So Close” - Add. Production
“Enchanted” - Add. Production

Coca Cola
Fanta Advertising-2003
“Don’t Ya Wanna Fanta” - Writing

Set List

I work and perform with various unique vocalists to create an assorted collection of edgy yet radio-friendly pop songs. This versatility enables me to vary my performances and sets to accommodate diverse venues.