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The Man I Used To Be

Written By: Eric Wolford

V-If I told you where I was tonight.
Would you hold me and tell me it's alright?
Would you cry with Me? Would you just Leave?
Or Would you wait for the man I used to be?
V2-If I came to you with my head hung down in shame,
would you walk out, or would you take the blame?
If you looked in my eyes, what would you see?
Would you see a stranger, or the man I used to be?
C-The Man I Used To Be, he'd love you all night long.
When everything was right, he could do no wrong.
He'd never do all the crazy things I've done.
Until he returns, girl let that fire burn for the Man I Used To Be.
Bridge/V-If you gave me whats left of your heart, could you trust me? Or have I gone too far.