Eric Scott

Eric Scott

 North Beach, Maryland, USA

Eric is an acoustic singer/songwriter who performs soul, pop, and folk with polish and grit. Lyrically honest and thought provoking music with fervent, emotional vocals sung by a 6'4" bass playing front man. Music created to get people moving, smiling, and thinking about life, love, hope, and the world we live in.


Maryland native and bassist Eric Scott realized long ago that being the absolute best musician he could possibly be was going to require three very important things...honesty, persistence and fearlessness. Growing up a bi-racial child in Washington, DC with an incarcerated father and a mother working several jobs to support her three kids...his childhood was difficult. Forced to grow up early and to fend for himself, Eric found a savior in music. Music was plentiful in the Scott household, and Scott immersed himself in everything from Marvin Gaye, Motown, Les McCann, Otis Redding, and Dave Brubeck to Elton John, ELO, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, The Carpenters, and Hall & Oates...and everything in between. Little did he know that these influences would become lifelong musical and spiritual companions.

As a young man cutting his teeth in rock clubs around the mid-atlantic region, life was a whirlwind of travel and celebration, followed by thudding crashes and indifference, and eventually substance abuse. Forced once again to grow up, Scott did just that...and once again, music was there to save him.

As the fog lifted and the dust settled...a career musician was born.

From 1994 to the present, Scott has toured the States, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands...sharing the stage with many notable artists. Eager to tell his story with the clarity and honesty of a singer/songwriter, and to deliver the message with the passion of a soul singer, Scott has developed a musical style all his own. His latest release "Where The Water Runs Deepest" is a focused and cohesive set of acoustic soul/pop...perhaps his best yet. As of November 2013, "Deepest" has been added to over 100 radio stations in the US and Canada, and is receiving airplay in the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, and Sweden. Eric's influences have all come together to span 4 CD releases...culminating in a soul/pop sound that tells stories of life, love, struggle, the world we live in, and hope. Years of touring have refined an act that knows that top musicianship, honesty, humor, and the willingness to entertain will earn the respect of any audience...every time.

2012 NERFA Quad Showcase artist.


DIVINE STATIC (1999) - Song "Life of the Party" is featured in the Season 1 DVD release of the classic TV show "WKRP In Cincinnati." Song "More Than A Little" is featured on the Cinemax TV show "Co-Ed Confidential."

LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE FOOLS (2002) - Song "Starting Today" is featured in the WB TV show "Felicity." Song "Questions Unanswered" featured on several European television shows in Spain, Sweden, and Norway.

RED (2007) - Song "I'm Into You" featured in the ABC TV show "Cougartown" and the SHOWTIME series "Homeland." Song also featured on retail in-store playlists nationwide, including leading retailers Giant Foods, Safeway, Rite-Aid, and many more.

WHERE THE WATER RUNS DEEPEST (2012) - Songs "Boston" and "Take Me Home" receiving airplay on over 100 radio stations in US, Canada, and Virgin Islands. Including NYC, Boston, Tampa, St. Louis, and Honolulu. Also receiving airplay in the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, and Sweden.

Song "My Heart Belongs To You" featured in 2009 Starz Network movie "Table For Three." Also featured in 2013 Lionsgate Films movie "The Frozen Ground" starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens, and 50 Cent.

Set List

If It Takes All Night
Get To Me
Break Me Open
Take Me Home
Mama Let Yo Hair Down!

Welcome to My Day
These Are The Craziest of Times
Leave Me Alone Today
Outside My Window
She Moved Away
I'm Into You
Do Over
Freedom In The Word
Lay It On The Cross

Chasin' The Sun
Questions Unanswered
This Could Be
Starting Today
Have You Seen Marie?
I Can't Help The Way I Feel

Walkin' Right Next To You
Life Of The Party
It's All About The Money
If I Fell In Love
Power Of A Woman
More Than A Little

Reach Out For Me
Take Me Back
Take My Love
One Step
The Words

COVERS include:
Soul, rock, and R&B