The mightyroots band

The mightyroots band


Roots rock reggae music of life to break down barriers and up presses and down presses. To bring contrast, awareness, and spiritual equality to all people of the world. Jah Bless!


Eric Smith was born Mark Eric Smith in St. Andrew Jamaica. He grew up with his mother, Lisa Cox, in the working class community of Gordon Town, St. Andrew and other working class areas of Kingston. He credits his mom and cousin, May Badroo and her husband William, for his early moral teachings. Eric gets his spiritual strength and inspiration from the Almighty, Jah Rastafari in whom he rests his unbending faith and conviction. He acknowledges and reveres the work of artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Black Uhuru, Junior Reid, Dennis Brown, Brigadier Jerry and Burning Spear and credits them for his motivation.


Sellassiei Rule from the album Rocky Road

Set List

Tour The World, Jah Jah Bless, Whole House a Marijuana, Oil War, 911, Rocky Road, World Doinance, Freedum, All These Thing Unfold, Open The Gates Warder Boy, Go-On-Go-On, Passa-Passa, Selassie -I- Rule.