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Eric Solomon

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Band EDM Alternative


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"Entertaining and Vibrant!"

"This guy has the energy and enthusiasm to go places. An extremely entertaining and vibrant, live show."
- Bradley Ross - Disney Entertainment


"Went to an awesome club, drank some fine beer, and Eric Solomon was f***ing incredible!!!!"
- David DeVore - Producer / Engineer for Santana & Fleetwood Mac

"Eric Solomon at the Biltmore"

As some of you might remember, I did a little album review for the talented Eric Solomon. He amazed me with his astonishing vocals, his innovative arrangements, and his all around funk-ability (is that even a word?). So it’s no surprise that when he had a show scheduled at The Biltmore, my favourite local venue, there was no way I would miss this opportunity. I knew it was going to be a big show, considering Eric is an astounding musician, but I didn’t realize how big it was until I actually got to the venue. I’ve been to a lot of local shows, and it pains me to say this, but the lack of support is sometimes less than stellar. I sometimes wonder why people don’t show up to more of these events, because any music lover would enjoy the talent we have here in Vancouver. That isn’t to say that all our local indie artists don’t bring out a crowd, because there are many talented bands that have a huge following, and it turns out Eric Solomon is one of those. He brought out the CBC for crying out loud!

With the audience having warmed up their bodies by FreeFlow (no one wants to pull a hamstring while dancing…), Eric stepped up on stage to a thunderous applause and started his set off with “Who’s The Man?” A political songs in it’s own right (I guess there was a trend that night, with both FreeFlow and Eric starting the night off with something political) it was very soulful and a perfect way to ease into the more up-tempo melodic songs. I’ve been to The Biltmore on countless occasions, and this night had to be one of the most packed I’ve seen it in a while and this love must have rubbed off on Eric because he did a little freestyle about how much he enjoys Vancouver, even though he just came back from sunny Thailand.

Throughout his set, he worked the crowd like a seasoned professional and transitioned from song to song with ease. At one point, he even got the deafening crowd to clap in unison to his soulful, funky songs. But of course it wasn’t just Eric on stage. He was accompanied by a horn section that provided a great layer to his already innovative songs. That isn’t to say Eric couldn’t carry the entire show himself, because he did showcase his musical versatility by alternating from guitar to keyboard, and he even amplified his already powerful voice with a megaphone. He had an amazing sense of the stage, and wanting to get a little closer to the audience he stood up on the monitors and sang his heart out to the already receptive crowd. His funk-ability didn’t just end up in his songs, but his style also resonated it, as he wore neon sunglasses, a crazy hat, and a long scarf. When you’re someone like Eric, life is music and how you portray yourself is essential to the creative mind.

I can’t really narrow down what the highlight of his set was, because there was just so much going on that I couldn’t catch everything. I will, however, mention two songs that captivated me and made me believe he is something to watch out for. When he played “Blue Skies,” Eric’s serene voice was accompanied by some great beat-boxing. But that wasn’t the only thing that amazed me during this song, because the harmonies he created was just a joy to listen to. After reviewing his album, I thought I knew what to expect, but his live show is so much more than I has anticipated. It was more innovative than his CD track (I didn’t even know that was possible!) and there was even a saxophone solo. The second song that provided that “wow” factor for not only me, but for the entire crowd, was “Dirty Man.” All the ladies in the room went wild and proceeded to the dance floor (if they weren’t there already). I had to rub my eyes a few times, because I can honestly say that Eric has the most appealing audience I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe all the beautiful women there that night, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because with Eric’s crisp, clean, melodic voice, who wouldn’t be swooned (that’s right…I said swooned).

For more information on both FreeFlow and Eric Solomon, feel free to visit their website and Myspace. I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy both of them as much as I did.
- Ron Cheung

"CD review!"

Well I guess it’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a CD review, especially considering all the festivals and local shows I’ve been going to this past summer. Then again, it’s been a while since any disc has caught my attention. There are so many great bands out there that play amazing live shows, but when it comes down to recording music not everyone has the money or time to produce an amazing CD. I understand it’s hard to fork out the money to go into a professional studio, even for a day, let alone have enough time to perfect each song. With that said, I don’t want to discourage anyone from sending in their CD’s to me for review, because I do take the time to listen to each EP that is sent my way. I’m constantly looking for new music that has that “WOW” factor that separates them from the crowd, and when I stumbled onto Eric Solomon on myspace, I knew at once I had to get a hold of his album. I emailed him around April and being the busy man that he is, he contacted me in October. I don’t blame him, especially when he’s constantly playing shows and promoting his music, so when I did finally manage to coerce them into sending me his CD, I was giddy for a few hours. Believe you me that does not happen very often, as much of a surprise that is to all of you. I have yet to put down the CD, listening to each track over and over (good thing it isn’t a cassette… you know… those little plastic rectangular shaped objects… otherwise each track would be worn thin), because each song is mind bendingly addictive.

Eric Solomon is a multi-talented musician, playing every instrument imaginable to man, and is one of those child prodigies from one of those musical scientific labs. OK maybe he’s not a mutant, but that’s the only explanation for his amazing musicality. He was raised in Congo, Africa (all I can say is…WOW!) which has influenced his openness to accepting different musical genres. He blends together funk, rock, jazz, soul, and R&B into what can only be defined as Eric Solomon. He writes, produces, composes, and arranges everything himself, which leaves me utterly speechless. He sets the bar incredibly high for himself, and he jumps over it with ease. He has the full package, which is why I’m surprised he isn’t signed to a major label yet. He has everything you look for in a musician and artist, so it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name. Let me elaborate a little on this fact, because he has gotten attention from labels such as Universal and Sony, but why they didn’t release his album is beyond my knowledge. So without waiting and compromising, Eric did what any boy genius would do, he did everything himself. He constantly travels back and forth from Vancouver to Montreal to New York (three of the best cities in world might I add) promoting his music and living his life as a performer. But enough about his accomplishments, on to the music!

Eric SolomonEric Solomon’s album, rightly titled “My Reality,” starts off with a bang right from the very beginning. “Livin’ a Lie” provides a soulful funk rock track, with heavy bass riffs and piano driven melodies. Eric’s vocals are showcased right off the bat and it’s just the tip of the iceberg to his amazing range. “My Reality,” the next track, is reminiscent of Mika, but with an Eric Solomon twist. Based off the lyrics, Eric is basically telling a compressed version of his life, from living in the desert to living as a musician. “I know I will make it, if I refuse to take it” is probably one of my favourite lines in this song. I’m not sure if he’s directing it anyone, but if I were to guess, I would have to say he’s talking to all those major labels that shut him down. With the right words to accompany the music, he is able to showcase his powerful voice. “Rain,” an insecure love song, starts off with a pleasant cello/violin introduction which is later accompanied by a softer and personal Solomon. I think he touches on a subject everyone can relate to, especially for those in an intimate relationship. It’s only human to doubt, and he captures all the emotions into this song. “Blue Skies” flips the whole love notion around and provides a new age funk to the already soulful track. Aside from Eric’s impressive vocals, the bass riffs on this track are not only melodic, but also technically perfect. But going back to Eric’s voice, I can’t help but compare him to Gavin DeGraw, especially when he gets into the chorus and sings “You can tame the monsters within my soul.” “Dirty Man” is quite different from the first four tracks. First off, it starts off and continues with some impressive beat boxing, accompanied by a beautiful falsetto. The lyrics are innovative and filled with humour, especially the line “You can’t say babe, that I don’t reciprocate, cuz’ every chance I get girl, I freak you in a public place.” Only a dirty man could think of something like that! “Step Off,” the next track on - Ron Cheung

"Eric Solomon Selects Workhouse Publicity"

MUSIC: ERIC SOLOMON Selects Workhouse Publicity
USA- Workhouse Publicity, an award-winning Public Relations firm, has been selected by musical recording artist Eric Solomon as the Agency of Record for U.S. marketing, domestic publicity and special events. Eric Solomon's music possesses rich, dirty grinds spotlighted by blazing showmanship. A child prodigy, Solomon is a self-taught wunderkind able to play numerous instruments. Self-assured with plenty of bite, harmonic grooves are gutsy, driven sounds that refuse to be categorized. An eclectic brew of soul, funk and rock & roll, My Reality speaks of heartbreak, success and raising yourself beyond inspiring musical anthems and genre rebirth. Raised in Congo, Africa, his sound absorbs many genres including street funk, raunch rock, old soul, R&B and neo-jazz. Well-known as a perfectionist, he produces, writes, composes, arranges and performs. Not just stylistic lip service, but authentic musical expression forged by personal experience. His range, elastic voice and musical gifts account for his broad appeal. Surrounding himself with a tight lineup of James Brown-like horns, drums, guitars and bass. the complete sound seems as if the musical wheels might fall off if the band dared to stop and breathe. A potent live band that slams back and forth between an ever-unfolding musical mission, serves the listener a triple dose of spontaneity, originality and electricity. To request a copy of My Reality or to request an interview with artist Eric Solomon interested media please contact Workhouse Publicity CEO, Adam Nelson directly by telephone 212.645.8006 or via email at - Adam Nelson

"Eric Solomon opens for Robert Randolph!"

MOLSON CONCERTS: Church reaches out at Canal Concert series

Lockport, NY - Lead singer of band named after himself, Eric Solomon, performs warm up duties Friday at the Molson Concert series in front of 16 000 people.

Friday’s concert opened with performances by Handsome Jack and Eric Solomon. Solomon told the crowd that he had driven all the way from his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

“It’s a long drive,” he said. “But rumor has it you guys love Canadian bands.”

Solomon kept interacting with the crowd in a number of ways, trying to get people to sing along and at one point, playing around with some of the beach balls that were bouncing back and forth. Eric lit up the stage on fire! By the time their set was over, the crowd was ready for Robert Randolph.

- Joe Olenick

"My Reality CD review"

As someone who has written music reviews for more than 11 years, the probability is high that 5 times the usual amount of music is heard around here than the average listener. That being said, it is clearly understood why Universal Music signed Eric Solomon to their roster. Solomon delivers a powerful punch with every track on his "MyReality" CD. In the span of 15 tracks, the listener is brought in to Solomon's world and treated to a variety of genres from rock, pop, R&B; to blues. Through it all, Solomon waxes poetic while delivering a tour de force harmonic vocalization that clearly has "STAR" written all over it.

As good as this particular CD is, the most amazing thing is that Universal hasn't been running the gamut with publicity for this incredible talent.

Yes kids, the CD is THAT good. Don't wait for the label to do it justice. Listen to the samples provided and grab a copy for yourself. It will be on your player for a long time to come, and that, I can guarantee!

Mike V - Hidden Sanctuary Radio


New Album - Scheduled March 2011

"A.L.L." Single - October 2010
Canadian CHR radio hit with national airplay
Video added to Heavy at MuchMore

"Antarctica" EP - May 2010
Received feature placement on iTunes Canada Electronic and Pop sections.

"The Only One" - Single May 2010
Receiving CHR airplay in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax and more. (as of end of June 2010).



- Eric Solomon is preparing to release his new album in March 2011. The initial single launch has been incredibly successful.

- Eric Solomon's first single from the new album, "A.L.L." was a massive radio hit in Fall/ Winter 2010 with Adds at the following stations: Kiss 92.5 Toronto, The Beat Vancouver, Z103 Toronto, Virgin Calgary, AMP Calgary, Virgin Vancouver, Wired Saskatoon, The Beat Kitchener, Hot 93.5 Sudbury, Kraze FM Red Deer, Proud FM Toronto, Kool FM Victoria, K94.5 Moncton, K100 Saint John, Kiss FM Ottawa, Hot 107 Edmonton, B-93 Lethbridge , Sun FM Kelowna, Sun FM Kamloops, Sun FM Vernon, The River Kamloops.

- The accompanying video was added into Heavy rotation at MuchMore.

- Eric’s remixes of The xx, and Passion Pit have garnered significant online traffic. His remix of “Moth’s Wings” by Passion Pit was the most downloaded track online (tracked by Hype Machine) several days after it was released at the beginning of 2010.

- Eric's previous EP, ANTARCTICA was featured during the weeks of June 1st and June 8th on ITUNES Canada store. Front page of both the POP and ELECTRONIC sections.

- Eric’s remixes and solo material have been featured on many blogs and respected sites including ROLLING STONE ONLINE and ARJAN WRITES.

- Eric performed at this year's editions of SXSW (Austin, TX), CMJ (New York, NY) and Winter Music Conference (Miami, FL).

- MTV Canada produced a special on Eric and two of his musician friends which aired throughout Summer 2010.

- The ANTARCTICA EP artwork was done by Josh Hassin (Metric/Emily Haines).