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"Convention Magazine Paparazzi Series - Vol. 1 FT. Eric Sosa"

Convention Magazine's special editorial series, "Paparazzi", launches featuring recording artist Eric Sosa. - Convention Magazine

"Eric Sosa Live on Dollar Van Demos"

Eric Sosa on Dollar Van Demos - Dollar Van Demos

"Eric Sosa Serves Up "Rhyme & Noodles""

“Every day I wake up in the morning sun – I feel my life it’s just begun – I praise the Lord in Heaven above – for giving me this Summer of Love.” - Social Tik Magazine

"Interview with Performing Artist / Eric Sosa"

Convention Magazine caught up with Eric Sosa backstage at Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. - Convention Magazine

"Eric Sosa: Musician. Lyricist. Performer."

He is literally a fusion of dope lyricism, poetry and skill embodied in one. On a rocky beach in Dumbo Brooklyn, I learned three things from this artist I hold to be very true. Inspiration is everywhere. Being true to “you” is being yourself. And, Oprah is cool. I don’t know about you, but I think they’re admonitions we should all take. Read more from our interview with Eric Sosa: the Musician, lyricist and performer. -

"Top 10 New School Music Artists"

They say there's nothing new under the sun, but when it comes to music, it's refreshing to see that this year some new faces are shining brightly.All of these artists are unique, talented, and gifted, and are ready to make their mark. -

"New Sound of Queens - Eric Sosa [Video]"

Hailing from Hollis, Queens the breeding ground for rap forefathers and moguls like Run DMC and 50 Cent, Eric Sosa strives to be his town's next up, as a skilled genre blending MC. Gaining notoriety is no easy feat in the music industry especially in a town where tribes of frustrated rappers can't seem to break free
of the drought of opportunities even if they rain-danced up and down central park. -

""Live @ Suite 19" Presents: Eric Sosa"

Eric Sosa is a Queens MC attempting to bridge the gap between old-school and new-school hip-hop. A previous winner of MTV2's Sucker Free competition and a growing presence in New York’s live rap scene. -

"Crunk Features - Eric Sosa"

For Sosa, it’s deeper than wishful boasting to sell records; his poetry is laced with a philosophical gridlock that’s about as hard for him to dodge as it is for us to grasp. - Crunk Magazine

"Almost Famous - Eric Sosa"

It's not often when a musical legend grants a new artist rites of passage. For Eric Sosa, this memorable moment became a reality when salsa icon Willie Colon attended the Urban Latino's Walk This Way concert last month. As an opening act for the star-studded event, Sosa stole the show with his performance of “Summer of Love,” so much so that it garnered Colon's attention. - Urban Latino Magazine

"DXNext - Eric Sosa"

Queens has always bred enduring emcees, and Eric Sosa is no exception to the rule. Sosa works around the clock, so while your night is winding down, chances are he’s still recording in the booth or wrapping up an interview with a last minute quote. Dedication and persistence are the true makings that lead towards greatness, combine that with sincere lyrical ability and it equals Eric Sosa. -

"Eric Sosa - Artist, Musician, and Father"

Artist, musician, and father, in essence, are words to describe Eric Sosa. Coming out of Hollis, Queens, New York, the young emcee is nothing short of an individual. A debut album in the works and the opportunity to go anywhere with his music allows for the artist to be an artist. With songs that reflect on things that were experienced, as opposed to what is fabricated, the opportunity to relate to Eric Sosa is forever present. - Profanity Magazine

"We Stole The Show Gets To Know Eric Sosa"

We Stole The Show caught up with up-and-comer, Eric Sosa at PNC Studios to get to know a little more about the artist in a 4-part video interview on -

"Eric Sosa - White Out - East [Video]"

Eric Sosa is the current winner of MTV2's Sucka Free, Freestyle Competition sponsored by Mountain Dew. -

"Eric Sosa Interview w/ GTDS [Video]"

While on the “One You Tour’s” stop in Hartford, CT, I managed to get up with Queens artist @EricSosa. We chopped it up for a bit and spoke on his current and upcoming projects, as well as dream collaborations and much more. -

"Fat Boy Radio Interview Part 1"

Eric Sosa chops it up with Fat Boy Radio! - Fat Boy Radio

"Fat Boy Radio Interview Part 2"

Eric Sosa chops it up with Fat Boy Radio! - Fat Boy Radio

"Team Vault // Eric Sosa [Video]"

Eric Sosa recently partnered with Harlem boutique Vault as the newest member of Team Vault. Eric joins rapper Panama, and secured a clothing sponsorship with the store and willl be performing at exclusive events sponsored by Vault.

- Vault NYC

"Street Detail: Eric on Madison Ave | Complex Blog"

Complex Magazine caught up with Eric on the streets of NYC. Not only is he a great artist and performer, but apparently he has impeccable style too! - Complex Magazine

"A Dollar for a Ride and a Show [Video]"

Hail the Dollar Van for the cheapest transit in Brooklyn — but be prepared to share the ride with singers, rappers and poets who record their demos en route. Eric Sosa's premiere Dollar Van Demos episode is featured in Time Magazine Video Feature! -

"BreakThru Radio Interview w/ Ms. Drama"

Sosa goes head-to-head with the vivacious Ms. Drama for an exclusive interview on Underground Noize Radio. - BreakThru Radio


“Let the Pete Rock” [mixtape] – May 2007;
“Do Something freestyle” [single] – February, 26, 2010;
“Rhyme & Noodles: Vol. 1” [mixtape] – February 2010;
“One You” – [new single] – Fall 2011;
“Rhyme & Noodles: Vol. 2” [mixtape] – January 2011;



His music speaks for itself and to the masses. As a result of an insatiable dedication to self-reinvention, the young Queens MC has virtually mastered the art of rhetoric, and epitomizes lyrical confidence and skill, with a range and timeless feel not displayed by many artists today.

A musician by the age of 6, Eric Sosa’s first love of music came from being a percussionist in a marching band, where he would rise to the rank of lead snare by the age of 7. Despite his life-long affinity to rhythm, percussion did not allow him to verbalize his musical expression, and at the age of 10 he began incorporating words into his love of rhythm.

In 2007, Sosa released his first mix-tape “Let the Pete Rock”, an ode to the classic era of hip hop, where he displays his natural lyrical abilities over Pete Rock instrumentals. Since then, Sosa has virtually been taking over the New York City underground scene blessing the stage at popular venues such as, Santos Party House, Bowery Poetry Club, The Delancey, and Public Assembly. With the release of his second mixtape, “Rhyme & Noodles: No Artificial Flavoring Vol. 1”, Eric Sosa still maintains his classic hip hop sound but also gives a glimpse of the future of hip hop, showing his true range and versatility not just as a hip hop artist, but as a writer, musician and performer. “The idea for “Rhyme & Noodles” was inspired by the times we are living in. Less has become enough,” says Sosa, and he delivers just enough to satisfy listener’s hunger until the full meal; his debut album.

In the meantime, the emcee focuses on familiarizing the world with his music, and the world has definitely -shown Eric Sosa love. has visitors from over 34 countries and territories, and since the release of Rhyme & Noodles in February 2010, Sosa has been promoting the project on the “One You” tour performing all around NYC; Harlem, Brooklyn, Manhattan and of course Queens, as well as other cities such as Hartford and Philadelphia. He’s been featured on renowned music sites such as HipHopDX and, and won MTV2’s Sucka Free Freestyle Competition, beating out emcees from all around the country. With is debut single, appropriately entitled, “One You” feat. Rocki Evans, due out summer 2010, this is only the beginning for Eric Sosa. And even in the midst of it all, Sosa still finds time to give back, lending his talent towards a good cause. Eric frequently performs to raise funds and awareness for the organization Fighting For Futures, an organization that uses creative expression to empower underprivileged youth around the world.

Never fearful of trying something new, Eric Sosa has managed to create a name during an era where hip hop has become overly-commercialized. As Sosa himself said, “I’m just a Spanish rapper from Queens, that’s trying to escape reality, but trapped in a dream.” That very dream that encompasses him is well underway to becoming a reality. What listeners truly have on their hands is a legend in the making.