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Eric Sosa

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Eric Sosa epitomizes lyrical confidence & skill, maintaining a classic hip hop sound while giving a glimpse of the future. Bringing a dynamic & engaging presence to the stage, his music is an experience when performed live. His range & versatility as a writer, musician and performer is endless.


His music speaks for itself and to the masses. As a result of an insatiable dedication to self-reinvention, the young Queens MC has virtually mastered the art of rhetoric, and epitomizes lyrical confidence and skill, with a range and timeless feel not displayed by many artists today.

A musician by the age of 6, Eric Sosa’s first love of music came from being a percussionist in a marching band, where he would rise to the rank of lead snare by the age of 7. Despite his life-long affinity to rhythm, percussion did not allow him to verbalize his musical expression, and at the age of 10 he began incorporating words into his love of rhythm.

In 2007, Sosa released his first mix-tape “Let the Pete Rock”, an ode to the classic era of hip hop, where he displays his natural lyrical abilities over Pete Rock instrumentals. Since then, Sosa has virtually been taking over the New York City underground scene blessing the stage at popular venues such as, Santos Party House, Bowery Poetry Club, The Delancey, and Public Assembly. With the release of his second mixtape, “Rhyme & Noodles: No Artificial Flavoring Vol. 1”, Eric Sosa still maintains his classic hip hop sound but also gives a glimpse of the future of hip hop, showing his true range and versatility not just as a hip hop artist, but as a writer, musician and performer. “The idea for “Rhyme & Noodles” was inspired by the times we are living in. Less has become enough,” says Sosa, and he delivers just enough to satisfy listener’s hunger until the full meal; his debut album.

In the meantime, the emcee focuses on familiarizing the world with his music, and the world has definitely -shown Eric Sosa love. has visitors from over 34 countries and territories, and since the release of Rhyme & Noodles in February 2010, Sosa has been promoting the project on the “One You” tour performing all around NYC; Harlem, Brooklyn, Manhattan and of course Queens, as well as other cities such as Hartford and Philadelphia. He’s been featured on renowned music sites such as HipHopDX and, and won MTV2’s Sucka Free Freestyle Competition, beating out emcees from all around the country. With is debut single, appropriately entitled, “One You” feat. Rocki Evans, due out summer 2010, this is only the beginning for Eric Sosa. And even in the midst of it all, Sosa still finds time to give back, lending his talent towards a good cause. Eric frequently performs to raise funds and awareness for the organization Fighting For Futures, an organization that uses creative expression to empower underprivileged youth around the world.

Never fearful of trying something new, Eric Sosa has managed to create a name during an era where hip hop has become overly-commercialized. As Sosa himself said, “I’m just a Spanish rapper from Queens, that’s trying to escape reality, but trapped in a dream.” That very dream that encompasses him is well underway to becoming a reality. What listeners truly have on their hands is a legend in the making.


“Let the Pete Rock” [mixtape] – May 2007;
“Do Something freestyle” [single] – February, 26, 2010;
“Rhyme & Noodles: Vol. 1” [mixtape] – February 2010;
“One You” – [new single] – Fall 2011;
“Rhyme & Noodles: Vol. 2” [mixtape] – January 2011;

Set List

Eric Sosa performs with his 4-piece band or his DJ depending on venue set-up, and usually performs 15-45min sets.