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"Let the Pete Rock"



Under usual circumstances, a red traffic light at any Queens intersection is cause for a pause. But this night was not your usual night. His mother screamed in agony in the back of a Buick, this cold October night 21 years ago. She awaited this moment for approximately 9 months, only to dread the pain it entailed. But before she knew it, her pain turned into peace of mind to know her son, Eric Sosa, was finally born.
Little did anyone know what would become of this baby boy. What vocation was his destiny? What path was he to take? This particular afternoon in a busy toy store, the path he chose was one of a lone musician.
From one second to the next, Sosa's mother and father frantically searched for their boy at the tender age of two in this massive warehouse of a store; aisle after aisle, demanding that security close off all exits. As their anxiety mounted and hope to find him dwindled, they turned down the final aisle of the store where musical instruments were shelved. And there Sosa was, innocently tapping away on what was to be a portal into the realm of music; his very first toy drum.
And it seemed as Sosa grew, the size of his drums grew parallel, his interest in music concentrated and his title of musician solidified. Like a toy soldier, he marched and cracked his snare like the professional he already was at the age of seven, donning a burgundy and gold uniform every Saturday from nine in the morning to one in the afternoon. This childhood sacrifice was more like an escape for Sosa; an entryway to a world only he knows.
The part of him we have come to know, however, is a testament to his evolution as a man, a musician and a lyricist. Despite his life-long affinity to rhythm, percussion did not allow Sosa to verbalize his musical expression. At around ten years of age, Sosa began incorporating words into his love of music. With the help of his sisters ex-boyfriend (who delved in Rap at the time) and Naughty By Nature's "Nineteen Naughty Nine," Paula Abdul's "Forever Your Girl" and Snow's demo cassette tapes, Sosa knew his stumbling upon Hip Hop was not a fluke.
Over the years, he has virtually mastered the art of rhetoric and epitomizes lyrical confidence. Never fearful of trying something new, Eric Sosa has created a name for himself during an era where Hip Hop has become overly-commercialized. As a result of his insatiable dedication to learning the ins and outs of the industry and to constant self-reinvention, Sosa can be held to the same measure as the greats in Hip Hop. His music speaks for itself and to the masses. As Sosa himself said, he is "a Spanish rapper from Queens, that's trying to escape reality but trapped in a dream." That very dream that encompasses him is well underway to becoming a reality that all Hip Hop supporters hope he will never escape. What listeners truly have on their hands is a legend in the making.