Eric Stadler

Eric Stadler


Unique, melodic, power guitar driven rock. A lot of emphasis on dramatic melody and superior technical musicianship with a flair for metal driven thematic movements.


I am a professional guitar instructor for Lacefield Music Studios in St. Charles, MO currently.

I have many musical influences. Some choice ones being Beethoven, John Petrucci, Yanni, Dream Theater, Trivium, Steve Vai, Iron Maiden, and The Beatles.

I've always been intrigued and highly involved in advanced high caliber musicianship.
I find that the more technical facility and command that you have over your chosen instrument, the more heart felt expression can be conveyed through it.

I am trying to accomplish a vision... one I hope to be spread in an inspirational fashion throughout the world.

The electric guitar is going through a new revolution in which the melodious meets the technical and is seeming to grow in popularity at an astounding rate. I am hoping to be one of the modern forerunners of this expanding guitar revolution.

I try to draw from my experiences in life as well as my musical inspirations in achieving the vision that I wish to convey to the audience.


I have radio airplay on Radio Metal Storm, High Octane Radio and Blues Rock Radio.
Category 3
Red Destiny
Little Egypt
1 World
Modern Mind
Birth of Fire
Sands of Time
Forbidden Desire
Vlad the Impaler
Sting of the Hornet

Set List

Originals consist of 12 to 15 songs about 45 minutes long at this time.