Eric St. John

Eric St. John


Clever lyrics and unconventional yet fairly simple chord progressions make for a passionate presentation in the key of life.


After years of chasing the end of the rainbow I put away the bands and bars lifestyle to pursue sharpening my craft in my home studio where there are no other egos to contend with but my own- and that's hard enough! I write honest contemporary adult powerpop songs that lean to the South with a little Latin spice and Jazzy undertones that come from playing in the school band all those years. I'm looking to have my material recorded by younger, better-looking artists so I don't have to leave the wife and kids for months at a time.


I'd Do It All Again

Written By: R. Eric Croft

I’d Do It All Again
©2009 r. eric croft IM3 Music Unltd.

I'd do it all again if I had to
I wouldn't think twice if my Uncle Sam called me
I understand the risk and I'd do it all again.

People look at me funny when I'm passin' by
they whisper to each other but won't look me in the eye
I lost my legs to an ememy mine
but I'm comin' outta rehab and I'm feelin' fine.

I ain't lookin' for no sympathy
but I sure could use a job
and I thank the Lord above that He's given me today.


(Bridge) Sometimes I wonder what might have been
when I see what's become of me
the wife says she loves me but she's takin' the kids
and I'm prayin' real hard to find the strength to make it through another day.


Written By: R. Eric Croft

By R. Eric Croft © 2008 IM3 Music, unltd.
How can I articulate my fond affection?
How can I show you how I feel?
You’ve consented to my honorable intention;
I’m wrapped around your finger.
You told the girls in the office all about me, but not your daddy. You’ve expressed you cannot live without me.
I said, “I love you madly!”

Am I dreaming?
Someone pinch me! Is this for real?
Where ya been all my life? I wanna marry you someday!

This morning I felt the effects of global warming
You said, “What a pretty day!”
And when I pondered the significance of people’s weird behavior
You said, “I think you think too much!”
I said I love you almost as much as Jesus By God I swear I’m your man And when I said I couldn’t live without you You said,
“You got my heart in your hand!”

You looked my right in my wandering eye and then you put me in my place.
And when you held me close to you, I felt the warmth of your embrace.



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Set List

There's nothing typical about me. A set is about an hour and if I do covers, they'll be mistaken for my own anyway. Usually a cover is by an artist whom I emulate in one way or another.