Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor


Eric Taylor is a singer/songwriter whose influences range from Britpop and brittish folk, to american country/folk music. With deep meaningful lyrics Taylor sings about life in the big cities, the changing of the seasons, desire and loss.


Eric Taylor was born in São Paulo in the late 80's. Growing up in a house brimming with 60´s and 70´s rock and folk, Taylor soon began to write his own songs. After playing in several rock bands in São Paulo, he decided to go solo. With influences ranging from britpop and indie rock to folk, country and post- rock, Taylor has released 3 EPs: “Lines We Wrote in Spring(2010)” “Northern Lights or Summer Skies (2011)” and “Big City Lights (2012)”.
Taylor´s lyrics evoke the most diverse themes, from life in the big cities, to the changing of the seasons, in either surreal or objective ways, but always uniquely and poetically. Arrangements are varied and feature instruments like: harmonica, mandolin, guitar, concertina, glockenspiel and violin.
When playing live Taylor performs solo, as a duo with Ana Luísa Ramos or with a full band.

Recently, Taylor has returned from his first European "mini tour" where he played in Austria and Denmark.


"Lines We Wrote In Spring EP"
"Northern Lights or Summer Skies EP" (2011)
"Big City Lights EP" (2012)

Set List

Depends on the concert length and band formation. I can perform solo, with one more musician, or full band. We play mostly songs from my 3 EPs, sometimes one or two covers, or unreleased songs.

Standard concert - 45 minutes

All The Beautiful Girls
The Endless Sound Of Greatness
Emily In Twilight
Summer Rain
The Uncountable Colours of The Sky
Black River
Fountains Of Blood
Winter Comes
The Few Ones Who Are Free
Cover/Unreleased song
Big City Lights
The Spinning Of The World