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"For Immediate Release - Meet My Demons"


Retrospect Records ( has announced the release of Eric Vanlandingham's 2nd album entitled "Meet My Demons". Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered solely by Eric in its entirety at Demon Digital Sound Studio (, the November 2008 release earns Eric the prowess as not only "Underground guitar hero" (Hardrock Haven Online) but also launches him as an accomplished conceptual producer.

Selling countless copies worldwide, Eric has been featured on radio and internet broadcasts as well as landing a spot in rotation for a few of his cuts from his 1999 Self-titled release. While the final cover and inner art credits go to Michael Case of Chromazone (, it was Eric who was the mastermind to the visual storyboard. Eric describes his latest project as "the audio visual story of the evils within the human mind, conscience and soul. A concept album that reads like a horror novel, sounds like "Hell" and makes you dream the unimaginable."

Melodically shredding through the layers of his latest concept album, Meet My Demons draws its listeners into a full-blown sensory overload. Flowing with raw emotion coupled with fear and desperation, Eric's music chronicle challenges his listeners not only to hear but to witness and experience the pain, confusion and dire frustrations of a man tortured by his past, present and inevitably, his future. The heavy metal master displays his "force to be reckoned with" guitar style throughout the album on such hard hitters as "Born" and "No One Attacked" while his alter ego takes center stage desperately slashing through the evil that suffocates him on such tracks as "1000 Voices" and "Hypnosis".

To acquaint yourself with Eric's demonic entourage check out or go to where you will find the latest news, purchase details, music downloads and promotional videos.

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"Fan Comments"

Firestorm Radio

"This is a heavy metal story from the dark that is a must have for every hard rock fan. It is packed full of catchy guitar riffs, blistering guitar solos, hammering drums, and great story telling vocals. With power packed songs like “Born”, and “From the Outside” to the grand ending of “Welcome to Your Funeral” this is one album that defiantly delivers in its entirety." – Crash, Firestorm Radio .com

Retrospect Records

"Fantastic Hi-Octane Metal in the style of King Diamond meets Megadeth. One of the best metal indies of 2008..."

Ronny Munroe - Metal Church

"Hey Eric, sound's great man! It take's alot of talent to do everything , much respect!"

Steve Stine - Grimmstine

"Love the solos in Ingorance Shame, dig the Panteraish groove on From the Outside, like EVERYTHING about 1000 voices, the old school Megadethy feel of No One Attacked, and really dig the Final Battle as well.

Honestly it's a great, solid CD. The vocals are great, the solos are great, and what I really like is the composition. Really solid songs, Eric.

I enjoy this CD a ton."

T.J. -

"Hey Eric & Retrospect People:
The shit's hot as hell, man! Definitely an add on our next update!"

Hardrock Haven's Derric Miller

"If you just crank up "1,000 Voices" or "Ignorance Shame," you'll be wanting to own the whole release anyway. There is nothing found wanting on Meet My Demons."

Patchman Marco - Dutch Violent Moshground Magazine

"it’s just a great masterpiece and so I think every real classic hardrock and heavy metal fan will like this album for sure!"

Daniel - Metal Factory Switzerland

"let me say at this point, that I am really impressed about your huge work! It's a masterpiece Dude and it should really be known by lots of heavy fans more!"

Hans - Digital Steel WebZine

"This CD lays on my doormat 2 months after its release and I can tell you that it normally should have ended in my personal top 10 for 2008, so I think I will take Meet My Demons with me to my list of 2009" -


Entice 1991
Eric VanLandingham 1999
Meet My Demons 2008
Bottom Feeders, The Liquor Store 2007



An accomplished, professional musician with multiple talents within many aspects of the musical profession. Eric has been involved with many musicians who can be considered icons to the world of music listeners. The first solo CD (2000) scored 3 "hits" on local and national radio and is still played and requested on many streaming web radio stations including Hairband Radio, Stickman Radio, The Classic Metal Show and many others. Approximately 10,000 copies of the CD have been distributed. The second CD is a concept album set inside the mind of a man who's chemical brain disorders end up driving him insane. Hence the title "Meet My Demons". "Meet My Demons" was released on Retrospect Records in December of 2008 and has been selling extremely well. check out the press release web site linked below for some great info, images, sound bytes and quotes from some people who might surprise you!