Eric Varney

Eric Varney


Acoustic Pop songwriting that is very hard not to sing along to. High energy crowd involved shows are unforgetable. Influences such as John Mayer, James Taylor, Billy Joel, and Josh Kelley can be heard in much of Eric's songs.


Growing up on the move, it is almost as though Eric has been on tour most of his life. Attending schools in New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Philadelphia, there wasn't much time to make life long friends. Music was a constant that would grow of more importance the older Eric got. At 14, Eric's older brother Jay brought him to see a band in downtown Philadelphia. After that night, nothing was the same. Through High School Eric went through many bands and eventually developed his true love, songwriting. After winning Immaculatta College's Battle of the Band contest, Eric bounced around to end up in Nashville to pursue his songwriting full time. The greatest influence on Eric's music and life continues to be his always supportive family.

Eric's music has many influences but has a very unique style. Sounding sometimes like Jack Johnson, then later sounding like Billy Joel. Eric's fan favorite "Open Winow", is actually the first song he ever wrote; a special posative outlook on life. Other songs such as "What's your name", are dancable love songs about the girl who got away. Eric Varney's songs contain thoughtful, imaginable, beautiful lyrics with soft and upbeat chords. Will make you smile.

Set List

Eric currently has about 15 original songs and numerous covers. All of the originals and covers are between 3-5 minutes long. Covers that Eric can play include:

Hotel California (Eagles)
Why Georgia (John Mayer)
A Lifetime (Better than Ezra)
Taylor (Jack Johnson)
Collide (Howie Day)
You and Me (Lifehouse)
Wonderwall (Oasis)
Amsterdam (Guster)
Hey Dad (Good Charlotte)
Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)
...songs are continually added to both the list of covers and his own