Eric Vieweg

Eric Vieweg


Ottawa based Folk-Rock outfit blending lyrically based songs with Americana influenced instrumentation.


Eric Vieweg has finally come out of the woodwork.

After spending many years fashioning songs in obscurity, he has finally released his debut record in July 2006. The self-titled record focuses on the lyric, but involves gorgeous landscapes of folk-rock and country instrumentation.

Since the albums realease, he has brought together The Silver Lining; a band comprised of Canada's finest artists that have included Marty and Matt Sobb (Marty Sobb and the Mobb, Tony D, David Gogo), Matt Ouimet (HiLo Trons, Ana Miura), Darrell O'Dea (Staggered Crossing, Boy), Phil Bova, (The Empiricals, HiLoTrons), Pat Robillard, Andy Graham, John Steele, J.J. Ipsen, Arturo Brisindi among other highly revered players.

Eric is developing momentum with his record. It has received some acclaim since its release:

4 1/2 / 5 STARS "Sonically spectacular and lyrically memorable, The Silver Lining is the first album by Ottawa's own Eric Vieweg. It's an infectious collection of tender and tortured tales about lonely hearts and night crawlers, minimum wagers and those trying to make it. Vieweg moves it from heart wrenching in Skin & Bones to loud pop-rock in Westboro Beach. Resuscitate flashes me back from Dinosaur Jr.'s Without a Sound and Hotels & Phonebooths is classic Jayhawks. Rich with electric, pedal steel and gorgeous acoustic guitar, banjo, cello, piano and lap-tapping percussion, The Silver Lining is an outstanding contribution to the alt-country/indie rock sound popularized by Danny Michel, Kathleen Edwards, Jim Bryson and Golden Smog." (Sylvie Hill, Ottawa Xpress Magazine) - NOMINATED ALBUM OF THE YEAR, 2006.

In its nonchalant way Ottawa has produced yet another talented artist. Dabbling in alt-country, folk and rock Eric Vieweg's debut album, The Silver Lining is a lush and generous offering. The album is short, only eight songs long, but beautifully balanced by its depth of sound. Opening with Vieweg's musings in Night Off The Street' , the album captures the listener in the very first moments. From there The Silver Lining builds, climaxing at the complex and angry The Insatiable Need For Being Dramatic On A Thursday Afternoon in Centretown' and then brings reprieve in the lovely Stars For Eyes.' The texture created by the subtle cello and the yearning of the pedal steel, highlights Vieweg's melancholic lyrics. And just when you think you know what Eric Vieweg is about, he throws in a brash pop-rock song, catching you by surprise, but then delight. In the end, Eric Vieweg's luxuriously layered songs grow on you till they become simply gorgeous. (Lara Purvis,

Now performing on a regular basis, Eric Vieweg and The Silver Lining have pushed the songs to new levels. The live show is where the band feeds off each other, letting the songs twist, turn and explode off the stage during each performance. What is most impressive is the fact that Eric's record was originally made to be nothing more than a demo, and evolved into a very successful inaugural album. Now Eric is recording again with the preconception of crafting a full legnth record. A good question to ask is how much farther will such a record catapult him.


Night off the Street

Written By: Eric Vieweg

You... and me
And all the things that we'll never see
The fast lanes of Los Angeles,
With sidewalks that never say please
But we got the sound of a town half asleep
And the reflection of night off the street...

And we don't have much in the way of fame
But our faces smile like theirs just the same
And you don't need to change your ways
Cause that stuff don't seem to matter much these days...

You... and me
And all the things that we'll never be
Some lunchtime celebrity
Live it as seen on TV
Or even go to university
Just to pin up some fancy degree...

And we don't have much but we own our names
That's nothing for you to be ashamed
And we don't make much more than minimum wage
But that stuff don't seem to matter much these days...


The Silver Lining (2006)

Set List

Full Band Setlist - Up to 16 original songs. Elapsed time up to 1.5 hrs.

Solo/Duo Setlist - Up to 16 origianls and up to 20 covers. Elapsed time up to 3 hrs.

Covers include songs from Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, Neil Young, Son Volt, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, The Weakerthans,Martin Sexton and many others.