Eric Vinson

Eric Vinson


A refreshing blend of acoustic sound filled with catchy melodies and clever songwriting which proves enjoyable for the pop listener and the lyric lover alike.


At a first, quick glance, one might suspect that Eric Vinson was one of those athlete types. His 6’6” inch frame warrants such suspicion. Upon meeting him however, it is hard to ignore the clever, charming, and creative juices which seemingly flow from every inch of his build. Twenty-two year old singer/songwriter Eric Vinson does not mind the quick suspicion as long as you take time to figure out what he’s really all about. Born in Overland Park, Kansas yet raised in the Carolinas, Eric arrived in Nashville in 2001 with one main objective – living life to its fullest. Spending 3 years in completion of undergraduate work at Trevecca Nazarene University, Eric now turns bright eyed towards a dream of making music which seemingly took a while to develop. “Growing up I longed to be nothing more than a two-sport, baseball/basketball guru… making it to the professional level of course,” he says. Midway through his high school experience though, Eric found himself trading the glove for the guitar as he thoughtfully and passionately began the pursuit of music. Such passion was only kindled upon moving to Nashville for a college education and now choosing to reside there as well. “I just love music. There is something about notes and chords with words being creatively arranged overtop which can elicit a varying range of emotions. Nashville provided the opportunity to be exposed to such beauty more frequently,” he adds. With influences ranging from the Wilco/Josh Rouse mold to that of Stevie Wonder, Eric offers an acoustic driven, groove oriented feel with catchy melodies being sung alongside. He captivates an audience with his thoughtful lyrics (seemingly able to relate to a wide range of people), soothing voice, and delightful stage presence. Eric’s personality not only flows from his music as he coins lyrics, but also in the way he interacts with the audience where ever he plays. “When it comes down to it, I’m just trying to share a piece of who I am with whomever I come into contact with. If my music is able to do that, then I consider myself successful."
- Interview with Andy Bird, January 2005


AM Radio EP (September 2004, demo)
There to Here (June 2005, full length)

"Any Day Now" - Song from There to Here, played on WRLT (Nashville)

Set List

100 minutes of original music, cover songs added as much as needed