eric witkowski

eric witkowski


I play a mixture of old dusty roads blues and roots blues of Mali and South Africa mixed with sitar influences and a childhood spent listening to Sonic Youth, Al Green, and good old fashioned gospel.


I've grown up traveling all over the USA and Canada, either by car or foot. I've slept in a lot of ditches along highways, listening to the sounds of the road. In those times I've met a lot of great people. I bring them into my songwriting. Sometimes when I sing about them I feel their spirits take over in the telling. As far as musical influences I've listened to a lot of Ali Farka Toure, Neil Young, Ravi Shankar, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Mississippi John Hurt. I put them all in a juicer, blended and drank. The blues influences came pouring out in my singing, and in my guitar they set the framework for most of the altered tuning styles I use. When I perform I take those tunings, mixed with a cup of coffee, attack my guitar strings and let the music take over.


I've released three albums; Wasist (2004),
Carpet Scrapings from Saturn's Viewing Room (2005), and Vesper (2007).

Set List

My typical show is 2 sets. The first would be 1 hr & 15 minutes, and the second would be 45 minutes. I don't typically do many covers, but when I do they would be Neil Young's "Powderfinger", Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" and Richard Laviolette's "All Q's Aside".

Setlist One:
Live in This Dream
Going Back
Farewell California
Watch These Lines Fall
Revolving Icarus Embryo
A Place in the East
I'm Open
Pick Up Your Shovel
Calling to Your Bedside
Eyes in Mine

Setlist Two:
Whisper on the Wind
Some Kind of Sunshine
Bury Your Flag
Medicine of Choice