Eric Zielinski

Eric Zielinski


A improv based singer-songwriter. Styles cover eclectic, blues, folk, jam, jazz, and Funk.


Eric Zielinski- a high-energy, jazz-influenced, funk rock performer-
enthralls and entertains audiences with his danceable, upbeat groove.
His eclectic blend of blues guitar, funk rhythms, jazz melodies, and chilling vocals keeps feet tapping and hips swaying. This musician fuses various styles and influences into skillful arrangements, transporting listeners to new dimensions in rhythm and harmony. Whether primarily rock,
blues, jazz, latin - structured or improvisational - each show is arranged especially to suit the venue and satisfy the audience. Talented, professional,
crowd-pleasing; the Eric Zielinski's sound excites the senses and
stirs the soul.

Eric Zielinski is currently writing, arranging and recording new songs for the upcoming demo release due out by Summer 2005. This Columbus songwriter is intriguing audiences across the region with his live performances and ever changing stage show. By incorporating a grass-roots marketing approach this year, more fans are taking notice of this songwriter.

Since 2002, the Eric Zielinski has opened for national acts such as Derek Trucks Band, Particle, Daniel Ash (Bauhaus and Love & Rockets), Tony Furtado, Ian Moore, The Recipe, Tony Furtado, and Railroad Earth, among others. He is currently writing and recording
new material for an album to be released later this year.


Curbside Soul - 98
Blue Rose Sessions - 99
Java Incident - 2002
Floyd In A Bar - 2005

Set List

The same set is never repeated.