Erie Choir

Erie Choir


Dude from Sorry About Dresden plays pop, folk, songs, some quieter than others.


"Slighter Awake", is to be released on January 16th, 2007 on Sit-N-Spin Records. It features the songs of Eric Roehrig, one of the voices behind Sorry About Dresden (Saddle Creek Records). Following in the wake of the success of a self-released EP and the four artist split "3x4" (Pox World Empire), "Slighter Awake" is the North Carolina group's years-in-the- making debut. The release of Durham-based Erie Choir's first full-length has generated a lot of excitement both locally and from points far and wide. But don't be scared off by the hype. "Slighter Awake" is a considerable achievement. Subtly ambitious, it draws on a diverse list of musical touchstones, fusing the bright familiarity of classic rock with the grit of Americana, the dreamy aspects of psychedelic folk with pop sensibilities derived from New Wave, all tied together in a surprisingly intelligent, intimate and affecting package. Erie Choir have played some shows over the years with folks like Edith Frost, Robyn Hitchcock, Smog, Azure Ray, The New Year, Mayday and The Good Life. Features members of Sorry About Dresden, Spacelab, The Nein.


2002-NE VS NC (RED 030)
2004 s/t EP (Self-Released)
2004 Bad Tsars is a Drag (Self-Released)
2005-Various Artists :: Compulation Volume Two (POX CD-16)
2005-Various Artists: Rocking the Blocks (DDI001))
2006- 3x4 (Three by Four) (Pox CD-17)
2007- "Sligher Awake" (Sit N Spin Records)