Erie Travellers

Erie Travellers

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We are four musicians with diverse music backgrounds. Telling our stories through the harmonious grooves of our music. We blend together to create a new sound with traces of traditional roots in form and rhythm.


Each of us brings our own unique influences, backgrounds and talents to the music and song creation workbench.
Some of our influences would include Beatles, Sting, Nirvana, U2, Neil Young, Paul Simon, the Band, Chicago, Boston,The Doors and all jazz.


We have one Cd that we released independently in 2005 called "Waiting".
We have 2 websites with streaming tracks.

Set List

Our 45 minute sets include a mix of originals with covers.
Beatles - Just Seventeen
Bruce Springstein - I'm on Fire
Neil Young - Harvest Moon
Original - In My Garden
Paul Simon - Me and Julio
Sting - Tea in the Sahara
Original - My Dad
Fats Waller - I's a Muggin