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"ERIK - Si ou pa la (Clip)"

ERIK - Si ou pa la (Clip) - AWImusic

"ERIK - Charlo (Live Performance)"

ERIK - Charlo (Live Performance) - France O

"ERIK - Trace TV // Code - itvw"

ERIK - Trace TV // Code - itvw - Trace TV

"ERIK - Chayé Kow (Live Performance)"

ERIK - Chayé Kow (Live Performance) - France O


2010 : Chayé Kow - AWImusic / Warner Music



A native of Point-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, Érik is trained in Classical, American, and traditional Gwo Ka methods of singing and cites diverse musical tastes as the influence for his music. The artist initially took the stage in 2001, performing with the Saïan Supa Crew, Fuckly and Riddla. After being featured in 2003 on the French television show Stardom, the singer moved to Paris, where he collaborated with composers and musicians to write the beautiful and ambitious arrangements in Chayé Kow.

Since its release by Warner Music in 2009,Chayé Kow has received critical acclaim in Europe and Érik received the award for “Best New Artist” at the 2009 internationally televised Afro-Caribbean Arts Awards Ceremony in Paris. On stage, Érik has shown phenomenal presence, and his magnetism has translated into amazing success and a thriving fan base. Regular sold out concerts in Paris and the West Indies keep him on the road, and for the past year he has toured with the world famous band Kassav’, opening at major venues throughout the Caribbean, Canada, Netherlands, and France.

As for his vision for the album, he speaks philosophically about the music’s inherent feeling of constant movement: “Chayé Kow expresses the idea of a lack of balance and constant flow in life.” And what does the future hold for this phenom? When the subject moves to his next album, Érik is optimistic. "I’m proud to be able to connect with people and bring them joy. I’m concentrating on my goals: to have a meaningful career, and continue to make beautiful music that my audience loves." He can be sure that the world is watching and waiting to hear more.


"In the album Chayé Kow, Érik intertwines his Creole roots, in particular the gwoka drum, with the irresistible swing of reggae and the tenderness of soul. Discover this moving artist! Chayé Kow is a true gem." - Fara C

“This album is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. It presents a creativity that is both unique and multifaceted, with an entire palette of sounds and styles inspired by the Caribbean today. A dazzling display of talent!” - François Bensignor

“Singing of passionate love, betrayal, exile, and assimilation, the young artist of 23 years captivated the audience. During two hours, time stood still to make room for the artist’s Caribbean soul jazz universe. The moment was magical. Very good concert. In times like these, we could use more. ” - France-Antilles (19-11-2009)
Erika V. Blackwell
« Boost Award » , Festival Villes des Musiques du Monde, Paris, France (2008)
« Hope Award » Fnac Mondomix 2009
« Revelation Award », Afro-Caribbean Arts Trophies, Paris (2009)
Winner, Diversity Contest (France O, TV Channel) (2009)
Writing Grant, SACEM (octobre 2009)
Young Talents, Paris’s Grant (2009)
#1, Album charts, French West-Indies (2009)