The new sound of Jazz, Somewhere between Sade and Diana Krall or Norah Jones and Rickie Lee Jones Sits the music style of "Erika Kertesz"


rika Kertesz is a gifted and inspiring singer based in Budapest Hungary bringing the world of Jazz a warm fresh approach. She has selected 12 of her all time favourite songs - which may one day become the new standards - from the "All New Great American Song Book" for you on this new CD. These songs reveal a tender side of the singer who is comfortable singing up-tempo jazz standards and bossa novas in any of Budapest's top jazz venues. "These are songs I have loved growing up with or fallen in love with whilst in my car on my way to appear in concerts. I love good lyrics and good song writing and believe very much 'a good song is a good song regardless of the style it is written in' " said Ms. Kertesz in a rare moment of "down time" before a concert."I have always wanted to do something like this - fuse my love of jazz with the music I grew up with". Of her fellow musicians she says "I was so lucky to meet Jay (Myerson) one afternoon. We got together through a mutual friend who said he had just moved here from the States. When we jammed for the first time there was an instant mutual respect and shared vision. The music was relaxed, not forced at all. We had so much fun not just 'playing the music' but 'playing with it' just like children with their favourite toy. We have worked together ever since." The pair often team up with a roster of their favourite bass players to create a unique and musically rewarding trio - these include Gyuri Horvath and Zoli Olah. Of the trio Ms. Kertesz said "Playing with upright bass gives the music such a great organic sound. I love acoustic instruments. The trio format gives us the flexibility to change the arrangements of songs during a concert without getting in one anothers way, while still staying true to our original interpretation of the song." On the creation of the arrangements of the CD Ms. Kertesz said this on her drive back from a very successful concert "The thing I like about this new CD and the music is that it is not forced. I do not feel that we have to have a vocal solo in every song or that every tune has to end with the vocal doubling with the guitar. The songs take on their own character. I take each song as it comes and work with that, it is very freeing and natural" and that certainly seems the case as she pops the CD into her CD changer. Soon the sounds of The Real Thing are filling the car with groove. Judging by this track alone it is easy to see why Ms. Kertesz is so enthusiastic about her music. At only 25 Erika Kertesz sings with a depth and understanding of someone twice her age. Not wanting to be typecast or pigeon holed her debut CD has mass appeal not only to jazz vocal fans but to fans of good song writing and arranging as well. A relaxed and calm performer she manages to sing with passion as well as her signature "relaxed cool" that so naturally fits her warm unassuming demeanour. "I just feel so blessed to be able to play the music I love with folks I enjoy being on stage with. This group are my friends and we take the stage for a couple of hours, share some of the music we love together with some smiles and laughs - we also let the audience in for the ride. If I can continue to make a living doing what I love to do I will be very happy." Not being caught up on the trimmings of fame and fortune this talented young singer is set to have a long and stable career ahead of her.

Set List

Black Orpheus
Bye By Blackbird
True Colors
Just The Two of Us
A Kiss from A Rose
Autumn Leaves
Beseme Mucho
Stella By Starlight
Lucky Girl From Ipanema
Nothing Compares To You
Black Velvet
Days Of Wine And Roses
Beginning To See The Light
Genie In A Bottle
Jesus to A Child
The Real Thing
Summer Samba
The Look Of Love
Here’s That Rainy Day
How Insensitive
Days Of Wine And Roses