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Let's play "Mix-It-Up!" What would funk music sound like laced with a smooth tenor voice? You'd get the style of Erik Dillard. With his infectious music entirely laced with live strumentation, his flow is sure to be a crowd pleaser. From inspirational to spiritual, he's got you covered!


Erik Dillard is a musician that values the importance of sophisticated orchestration and "real" lyrics. His influences include Nikka Costa, James Taylor and Stevie Wonder.

He has traveled abroad teaching music in Norway and Japan. He currently is teaching music in Japan through Soul Bird Music School (Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka).

His song "It's Because" was recorded by the Legendary Edwin Hawkins (original writer of Oh Happy Day).

Erik currently has songs playing throughout the United Kingdom "Survive", "Everybody Dance" and "U R The 1" UK Remix by Andy Holder.

His most recent accomplishments include landing a slot on the Edwin Hawkins Arts & Seminar Choir Project with his song "It's Because" that was recorded in 2004. He also has several dance songs that are in rotation through the United Kingdom Gospel Club Circuit and playing on Internet Radio Stations world wide ("Everybody Dance", "U R The 1").

The main characteristic that sets him apart from other artists is his ability to connect emotionally as well as musically with the audience. It is very easy to get entranced and feel that you are a part of Erik's world while he is on stage.

His versatility as an artist has awared him the chance to perform nationally and internationally (Norway, Japan).


U R The 1

Written By: Erik Dillard: Kelicolsa Publishing (ASCAP) 2005

Written By: Erik Dillard
Kelicolsa Publishing (ASCAP) 2005

Lord, you’re always there ~ you never walk out
Lord, you show you care ~ you never let me down
No words I can say to explain
Why I feel this way ~ it will never change
Pressure comes my way ~ to shake my faith
But your Word is true ~ it will never change

Lord, you are my guide ~ when I lose my way
Lord, you show what’s right ~ when I do my own thing
You’re a holy God and there’s none like you
You’re my shining star ~ always bring me through
You have done enough ~ never need to prove
And with my whole heart ~ I give praise to you

Lord you are my source, my strength, my everything
Lord you are my hopes, my dreams, the song I sing
I’ve searched this whole world and I’ve found nothing
I give my all to you faithful and true

You are the one!

Pure Love

Written By: Erik Dillard: Kelicolsa Publishing (ASCAP) 2004

Written By: Erik Dillard and Chris Gray
Kelicolsa Publishing (ASCAP) 2004

Long ago, a man named Adam was made
From the dust, God created his frame
From his side, the beauty of the lady was displayed
Pure love from the start
Wandering Adam’s lady Eve was misled
From the forbidden tree by the serpent she was fed
Enticing Adam, they both ignored what God said
Sin led them too far

The world needs pure love
Love from God above
Always walk in love
The world needs pure love

This word love is the cover up for lust
Causing strife and making fools of us
Please be informed God has more in store for us
Lord take us back
I’ve often wondered why we live life as a masquerade
Satisfied with doing it the backwards way
I have to say we play love as game
The catch phrase “I love you”, we be claiming it
But the love we display is not the way God created it
We step in the name of it, but sex is the main event
Like a pearl trapped this world lacks love
And I’m still wondering, “Where you at, love?”

If ever I could go back in time
And relive every second that I passed you by
I feel as if I failed at life itself cause I gave you away to everyone else
My only mistake was that I didn’t keep you for myself
And there was still so much to learn, had to learn the hard way
My life lay disconnected and you could tell very well that I missed your presence
But in the meantime and between time I relied on sexes of the opposite nature
Requested their love, but they replied with the opposite “…not ready for love”
And for the longest I just thought that I was oh so mature
Til I heard you calling my name and open the door
And ever since I walked in, “Oh, Lord I’m yours!”
And the love I have to give goes to the one I adore
Cause the love I have to give comes from one that’s pure
Pure love


Written By: Erik Dillard: Kelicolsa Publishing (ASCAP) 2005

Written By: Erik Dillard and Marvin Miller, Jr.
Kelicolsa Publishing (ASCAP) 2005

I wanna be more pleasing
So teach me how to appreciate you more
Your warm embrace completes me
Your gentle words make life worth living for
I wanna be more like you
To have joy in a world so cruel
Change my life and make me new
Through relationship with you

My heart’s desire is to know your word, Lord
My heart’s desire is to have relationship with you
Oh, relationship, relationship, relationship with you
Oh, relationship, relationship, relationship with you

I wanna be more loving
Until I have more forgiveness in my heart
Without you Lord, I’m nothing
But no more excuses being faithful’s not that hard
There comes a time when we must show
We’re no longer children and we have grown
So no more games I’m gonna be true
In this relationship with you

I wanna know you…
I wanna know you Lord


"The Basics" Sophomore CD Released 2006
"Everybody Dance" United Kingdom House Radio 2006
"U R The 1" United Kingdom House Radio 2006
"Christmas Time Is Here" CD Single Released 2005
"Great Things" Debut CD Released 2000

Set List

"U R THE 1"

*An Erik Dillard set usually takes around 20-30 minutes depending on the venue and what is needed for the evening.