Erik Gunderson/Drums

Erik Gunderson/Drums

 Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

Quick learning drummer that has toured the lower 48. I've played in original & cover bands of many styles; Programmed Pop, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Shuffles, Hip Hop, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Wave Ska, Surf, Punk, Rockabilly, Reggae, Indie Rock & more. I rent a studio where I practice/rehearse 24/7.


Bio from: Rock Garden Studio, list of regional session players.


Erik Gunderson:

Erik plays drums with hunger and passion. A heavy rocker with a strong funk background, He performs with numerous groups around the Wisconsin scene and has played on many recordings of various genres. Erik’s specialty is a larger than life kick drum sound.

Influences: John Bonham, Bernard Purdie, Tommy Lee, Jeff Porcaro and any drummer who has played for Prince, Sly and the Family Stone or Parliament Funkadelic.

Lead Time: Usually ready at a moment’s notice.


Christmas in the Valley Vol.1 (1994)
The Unreleased Cookie Bug Fiasco (1997)
Motopneumatic (2001)
Ripp Winkler 'Pork and Loathing in Osh Vegas' (2002)
Sarah 57 (2006)
A Pauper's Christmas (2006)
A Pauper's Christmas II (2007)
The Bakers E. P. (2008)

Set List

I'm very comfortable playing all-night gigs or having to set-up and tear-down in moments when multiple bands are on a bill, set changes need to be fast and you've only got 20-45 minutes to convince an audience of strangers to become friends and believe in a band.