Erik Jeffreys

Erik Jeffreys


Close your eyes and picture a herd of wild mustangs basking in the warm summer sunlight in the cool of the day. All the while...self-medicating next to a raging river flowing with red, red wine...Now open your eyes...what does that sound like?...I don't sound anything like that...


Erik began singing at the age of five of which his greatest influence was his father. Most of his venues have been reduced to nothing more than small weddings, and church functions. And so continues the "like father, like son" paradox.
Although Erik is established in the vocal component of the musical arena, only recenly has he shown great promise in the area of songwriting. The single, "I Never Knew What Love Was" is not only the first song he has ever written, but the first song he has attempted to write. Quite possibly just another one-song-wonder, he is decidedly moving forward, up, and out, as he shows even greater promise in more recently finished works. Pressing on with his newly discovered writing talent, he is in the process of developing his first LP and debute album. (BMI)


I Never Knew What Love Was

Written By: Erik Jeffreys

On a ranch, in Dallas,
the girls were giggling watching you gettin' ready for the day.
As for me, you know where I was, puttin' on my bowtie in a room across the way.
The congregation perched on pews of straw, the preacher was rehearsing in his Texas southern draw. Then I caught a glimpse of heaven, down the isle you made your way. You took your place beside me and we bowed our heads to pray. The crowd had all leaned forward just to see if it was true, and I never knew what love was til you smiled at me and said, "I do."

In a crib, in a nursery.
a baby boy lie sleepin' in a room across the way. As for me, you know where I was, sittin' there beside you on the mattress where you laid. With the doctors shufflin' up and down the hall. The family in amazement at the wonder of it all. Then I caught a glimpse of heaven when they brought him to the room. They put him in my arms and tears of joy began to loom. I peeked inside the blanket just to see if it was true. And I never knew what love was til you smiled and said, "He looks like you."

I'm amazed by all the sacrifice that shows how much you care.
And I'm thankful for the memories and the moments that we shared.
Well I can't help but wonder what the future has in store.
So I'll hold on to the blessings of my wife, my son, my Lord.

On a hill, at Calvary,
a gentle man was dyin' hanging blameless on a cross. As for me, you know where I was, down upon my knees in sorrow counting up the cost. When suddenly I began to see the light. I finally found that missing key that I searched for all my life. And I caught a glimpse of heaven when I heard the angels sing, "Rejoice to God in heaven..." singing praises to the King. I opened up the good book and the truth was clear to see, that I never knew what love was til I realized he died for me...He died for me...She said "I do."...He died for me... "He looks like you."... He died for me... Yeah you know it's true... He died for me... Jesus died for you...


Just one single release. "I Never Knew What Love Was" Erik was both ill-equipped and unprepared for the overwhelming response to his recent release. For obvious reasons, He was prompted to introduce it to radio. It currently receives airplay on internet radio in the US, is being reviewed in Europe, and will begin rotation on one of Canada's radio stations, The Country Edge in Mid Aug.

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