Erik Koskinen

Erik Koskinen

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

This is music written for people about people on an honest level, American music based in the roots of our country written and performed by musicians who couldn't fake it they tried.


Erik Koskinen grew up in the heart of the middle of nowhere .. northern Michigan. Playing solo and band shows since age 14. Both in the country and in the town erik has formed his own brand of American music based heavily on and for, quite simply "people". Koskinen's musical pursuits have prompted him to load up his old pickup truck and relocate to various American musical meccas, including Nashville, New York, and California finally to find his way to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Making it his home as a producer, recording engineer, sideman with Dead Man Winter and Molly Maher but most of all as his own band leader and songwriter playing over one hundred and fifty shows a year. Erik's band has been a mainstay at Nye's Polonaise Room (best bar in America, Esquire Magazine) for the past five years and continues to build a scene out of the establishment alongside Molly Maher and Her Disbelievers as her band leader. Erik has producing and engineering credits with The Waifs, Molly Maher, Trampled by Turtles(Billboard Bluegrass #1 for the album Palamino), Dead Man Winter, Teague Alexy, The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Ray B and The Reverberation, and many more. When Erik isn't fronting his own shows he is out on the road with Molly Maher, Randy Weeks and Dead Man Winter, always trying to establish an honest music scene that seems to have lost it's footing in recent years.

Erik has opened for Pieta Brown, The Texas Tornados, Hank III, Jimmie Vaughan, Trampled by Turtles, John Hiatt, Al Kooper, Ray Bonneville, Randy Weeks, The Pines, Kevin Russell (of the Gourds), The Grass Roots, The Devil Makes 3, Richie Havens, Spider John Koerner and more....

Erik has played with Lucinda Williams, Al Kooper, The Waifs, Trampled by Turtles, Tom Rush, Randy Weeks, The Pines, Will Sexton, Ray Bonneville, Ramsey Midwood, Dead Man Winter, Charlie Parr and more ....


-Keep it To Yourself - July 2010
-Mandan Hayseed - EP erik koskinen music 2005
-Sorrowville - LP spinout records 2002
-Letters and Postcards - LP spinout records 2000
-Duluth Does Dylan Revisited Silvio - spinout records 2002

-other performance

-Temptation by The Waifs/ guitar
-Bright Lights by Dead Man Winter/ guitar, slide guitar, baritone guitar, organ
-Tinted Windows to The Soul by Ray Barnard and he Reverberation/ guitar, bass, drums, keys, loop/programing
-Balms of Gilead by Molly Maher/ producer, guitar, bass, drums
-Cast Your Bread EP by Molly Maher/ producer, guitar, bass, drums
-The New Folklore by Teague Alexy and The Feelin' / guitar
-Sing! by The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank/ co producer/guitar/bass

-more studio credits

-Temptation by The Waifs .... Number 1 Australian charts and mixing engineer
-Bright Lights by Dead Man Winter ... recording and mixing engineer
-Plamino by Trampled by Turtles .. Number 1 Billboard Bluegrass Charts ... engineer
-Tinted windows to The Soul by Ray Barnard .... producer, engineer
-Wolves EP by Dead Man Winter / engineering/producing/guitar/slide

Set List

Our set list is primarily original songs. The set times are based depending on the show, shows have been anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours and there always can be interpretations of other people songs sung by Erik and the band.