Erik Sootes

Erik Sootes


Professional composer and guitarist. Writes and performs music in a variety of styles: Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Fusion, Folk, Blues, etc., as well as combination of styles using different types of guitar.


A music scholar, professional composer and performer. Erik Sootes always experiments with variety of styles, looking for a new sound and ways to show what Guitar is capable of. On stage and in the recording studio he masterfully changes guitars, using acoustic, electric and western. He has his own signature style that combines Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Classical, Rock, Hip-Hop, New Age, etc. His compositions are an eclectic mix. They are fresh and don’t sound like anyone else’s. Erik has released 11 albums of his original music.
Erik Sootes started his music career in the late 70’s. He performed for a variety of audiences in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. He performed solo concerts and as part of a band.
When he immigrated to the U.S. in 1997, he started his life and music career from scratch. Surviving in a new environment he beat the odds and managed to have solo concert tours of the East and the West Coasts, as well as the Nation-wide tour, and signed a contract with MTV.
Erik has performed on such legendary stages as CB’s Gallery in New York City and Celebrity Center International in Hollywood, CA. He has been invited to give radio interviews in New York and Massachusetts, including a two-hour show dedicated entirely to his works. His music from the album “Spanish Image” was selected for “All Songs Considered” on National Public Radio-NPR.
Erik’s music truly has a Universal appeal. In a short time Erik Sootes earned a name of a One-Man-Orchestra, reaching with his masterful performances audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Erik has been participating in various music festivals and events and is continuing to give solo concerts all over the country. He is available for booking.


Original Music Albums released:
“Wax-Figures Museum” 1997
“Nerves” 2001
“Spanish Image” 2002
“Fall” 2003
“Soul-Impress” 2003
“Spring” 2004
“Diary” Book 1 2005
“Smiles” 2005
“When It Rains It Pours” 2005
“Songs Without Words” 2005
"Fuga" 2006

Set List

Presenting own songs from 11 original music albums. All together about 10 hours of unrepeated original music. Usual solo concert lasts 1,5-2 hours that includes songs selected from these albums and some new material. Program varies, depending on the selection.