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The best kept secret in music


“ My thoughts immediately after his amazing performance was that the entire audience needed a deep breath! They seemed to hold their breath while listening! Erik's playing is absolutely breath-taking. ” - Bruce Walker

When it comes to guitar playing, there are generally two schools of thought. At one extreme, there are the people who worship at the altar of guitar-wank gods like Steve Vai, who think that the guitar is all about technical proficiency, being able to play lots of different scales in all sorts of strange time signatures. At the other end of the spectrum are people who believe that being technically good means nothing unless you can convey
emotion and feeling in what you play, and that an emotion can be put across with just two or three chords.

Of course, it's possible for a guitarist to not only be technically
proficient, but to be able to use his ability to create entire soundscapes for the listener. On Nerves, Erik Sootes proves this point, assembling eighteen tracks that showcase not only his technical ability, but also his
knack for penning pieces that instill a specific mindset in his listeners.
"Dance on the Beach", for example, would sound ideal in a film, wafting
through the theatre as the camera pans across a tropical paradise. Similarly, "Renaissance" belongs in the Middle Ages, lilting through the open air of a village market, while "Western Pattern" is the perfect solution for square-dance callers in need of some music.

If listeners are willing to commit themselves to Nerves, they'll be rewarded with a relaxing, enjoyable and often vivid trip through a wide variety of
musical styles.

by Matthew Pollesel
- Matthew Pollesel

“ Erik Sootes, a guitarist and composer, knows how to utilize all of his natural gifts. What's very interesting is that all the sounds he produces are really from his guitar... no studio trickery. One may think one is listening to a virtual symphony. But Erik, in his own marvelous way, creates pieces for seasons, cultures and the essence of life. Not one composition really stands out... in fact, they are all quite memorable.” - Dan Herman


Original Music Albums released:
“Wax-Figures Museum” 1997
“Nerves” 2001
“Spanish Image” 2002
“Fall” 2003
“Soul-Impress” 2003
“Spring” 2004
“Diary” Book 1 2005
“Smiles” 2005
“When It Rains It Pours” 2005
“Songs Without Words” 2005
"Fuga" 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


A music scholar, professional composer and performer. Erik Sootes always experiments with variety of styles, looking for a new sound and ways to show what Guitar is capable of. On stage and in the recording studio he masterfully changes guitars, using acoustic, electric and western. He has his own signature style that combines Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Classical, Rock, Hip-Hop, New Age, etc. His compositions are an eclectic mix. They are fresh and don’t sound like anyone else’s. Erik has released 11 albums of his original music.
Erik Sootes started his music career in the late 70’s. He performed for a variety of audiences in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. He performed solo concerts and as part of a band.
When he immigrated to the U.S. in 1997, he started his life and music career from scratch. Surviving in a new environment he beat the odds and managed to have solo concert tours of the East and the West Coasts, as well as the Nation-wide tour, and signed a contract with MTV.
Erik has performed on such legendary stages as CB’s Gallery in New York City and Celebrity Center International in Hollywood, CA. He has been invited to give radio interviews in New York and Massachusetts, including a two-hour show dedicated entirely to his works. His music from the album “Spanish Image” was selected for “All Songs Considered” on National Public Radio-NPR.
Erik’s music truly has a Universal appeal. In a short time Erik Sootes earned a name of a One-Man-Orchestra, reaching with his masterful performances audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Erik has been participating in various music festivals and events and is continuing to give solo concerts all over the country. He is available for booking.