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"I'll Wait Another Day"

Written By: Erik Viel

I'll Wait Another Day

A simple man of virtue
A vessel made of clay
Will I meet his kind again?
Guess I'll wait another day

Don't wade in shallow water
Where fortune leads astray
But set your mind to do some good
And help in some small way

Lost his parents as a child
No time to run and play
Served our country overseas
Pray the Man would light the way

Loved to sing and play the harp
Marine Band key of A
And writing poems way past dark
Reciting them on Sunday

And though he's more than ten years gone
I heard his voice today
Oh Lord, he's ten years gone
A picture in a frame
Will I meet his kind again?
The answers still the same
Guess I'll Wait Another Day

Melody 2 Bars

The call came in at 3 am
The snowplows run today
Clear the roads 'fore the sun comes up
Working for the highway

"Hey Earl, you forgot your lunch"
I heard my Grandma say
The old man couldn't hear a word
Headin' out the doorway

A simple man of virtue
His memory remains
And when at last the day was done
He'd bow his head and pray

And those that knew him
truth to tell
They know of what I say
To help a needy stranger
Was not out of his way


Guess I'll Wait Another Day (4x)


Verse G-D-C-G G-D-C
Chorus C-D-G-Em C-D-B7-Em-D C-D-G-Em C-D-G

Written June 13, 2006 by Erik Viel