Erin Alden

Erin Alden



"My Grandmother was my musical mentor. She would play rock n roll (Queen, Beatles, Eagles)or would blast Top 40 on the radio every minute of the day. She would sit me on her lap as a baby and we would play the piano and sing. This was my life, and still is today. I loved every minute of it. I took piano lessons and later guitar, and sang in the choir at school."

Erin Alden has been a driving force in the music scene for several years now. As a busy session singer and recording artist, to writing and recording her own music, she's making a name for herself very quickly.

With songs being placed in TV / Film like "Faded" in the indy film "Ordinary Killer", Erin continues to write memorable hooks that you don't easily forget.

"I think that it was through my friends, some of whom are already notable musicians, that really made me want to try harder and break out on my own. With their encouragement and to my own surprise I found that I could do it. I am able to express my feelings ... everything ... through music, my music."

She is part of the new all star team "Star Lodge Entertainment", and has 2 cuts on Grammy Nominated Producer Headfridge's new album titled "Rogue Fogu".

It's a very exciting time for me. I'm in the studio, writing lots of new music, working with people I never dreamed as a little girl I would get to work with. It's honestly th best time of my life. As they say " sit back and enoy the ride !" well, I definitely am doing just that."


Full Album out soon.

Produced and Engineered by:

Dave Hillis (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, James Blunt)
Brian Boland (Dave Matthews, Elwood, Rosie)

Singles available now

Set List

Erin's set list includes more than 15 original songs, and varies depending on the venue and length of the show.