Erin Ashleigh

Erin Ashleigh


Erin Ashleigh writes songs when they need to be written. Whether political or personal her songs express a sense of urgency, a story that needs to be told. This little lady may surprise you with her big voice, strong words, and a style of acoustic folk that is both familiar and new.


My Story.

I wrote my first song when I was four years old - sure it only contained two lines and was about not wanting to eat vegetables - but it was a song. At ten years old I started playing guitar, I didn't dream of becoming a superstar, but I sure did want to learn to play and sing songs around the campfire. That's pretty much how it stands today too. There's no better experience for me that singing with friends old tunes that we all know and making up harmonies on the spot. I've been inspired by many musicians along the way, Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Sarah Mclachlan and the amazing Ani Difranco whose words and music have encouraged me in numerous directions. From her I've learned that poetry is about honesty and music is for the people. I believe that songs should be shared not sold. When it comes down to it we write songs to express ourselves and are grateful that sometimes someone wants to listen and maybe toss us a coin or two so we can afford to keep on playing.

I don't pretend my music is anything new, I've had years of musical training and I know all sorts of fancy tricks but I'm not afraid of simple songs, as Woody Guthrie said "if you play more than two chords you're showing off". I write what write because there's something I feel I need to say and because of this there's often a strong emotion attached to the song such as, confusion, wonder, hope, bitterness, or anger. My songs are personal, often literal, and I hope a little catchy. I invite you to take a listen, and I hope you will enjoy.
Erin, Summer 2007

Where's Erin Ashleigh now?

Erin Ashleigh is has recently finished self-producing a demo cd, completed a masters degree in library and and information studies and is currently ramblin' 'round in the great big city of Montreal seeking somewhere to sing her songs, catalogue her books, and plant her feet down.


Great White North

Written By: Erin Ashleigh Phillips

Great White North

Welcome to the Great White North both strong and free
Tell me Ms. Difranco do you still want to move here to escape from the powers that be
Cause down on de Maisonneuve the sounds of shots rang out
We’re just of free here to buy weapons to scream to shout

Hey Coupeland won’t you come take a look?
Will these kids live and die living like those in your book?
Hey Michael your Canada theory doesn’t stand
Because there’s no less fear in our native land

There’s no explanation that quite explains the root
of some folks transform pain to terror and then begin to shoot

Guns flood the streets of Toronto, girls die on Boxing Day
Young men terrorize students, with weapons both legal and paid
And Bill’s in Japan feeling this pain all alone
While I ride past the school everyday on my way home

They used to ask where you when Kennedy was shot or when man landed on the moon?
Then where were you on 9/11 when the war began again so soon
And for the next day for the next week it’s all that’s on our minds
Where were you when Dawson became a word synonymous with Columbine

we search for some explanation but still we’re at a loss
and the best that we can do now is to ask how many lives will this one cost

Welcome to yet another Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
Tell me Ms. Difranco do you still want to move here to be saved?


Self- Produced Demo 2007
Tracks available on CBC Radio 3 and Myspace.

Set List

Sets include a range of original songs and some covers. Originals include songs on the demo cd such as Kitchen Epiphany and Great White North, as well as the unreleased tracks The Beat, Cuba Song, and Starlight. The current list of cover songs often includes songs by Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Woody Guthrie, and Gillian Welch.