Erin Brazill and the Brazillionaires

Erin Brazill and the Brazillionaires

 San Francisco, California, USA

Erin Brazill and the Brazillionaires plays original compositions Erin Brazill and the Brazillionaires are tightly wov with the Film Noir Society in San Francisco and will open for the Festival this January at the Castro theater as well as play the Nightclub Gala. They play at all sorts of venues across the bay area and have toured Europe and beyond. Recently, Erin And the Brazillionaires feature her "Hitchcock Suite" a Suite of songs based on 4 different Hitchcock movies, written from the vario


Erin Brazill & the Brazillionaires have a unique vintage-noir sound and play all original music. The music is very evocative, whether it is summer sweet or a murderous ballad, or a combination of the two. The band plays all over San Francisco (Cafe du Nord, Yoshi's, Bottom of the Hill, Amnesia, The Regency Ballroom), and they're the official house band for the Film Noir Festival. Erin and her Brazillionaires are now becoming best known for the Hitchcock Suite of songs, which Erin wrote about the villians and victims in four Hitchcock films. They love playing for new crowds and are famous for winning over new fans of all ages wherever they go. They have toured Europe and when they play in Los Angeles, they headline The Silverlake Lounge, Villians, and Sassafras.
Please watch their music video (based on this song cycle about Alfred Hitchcock Movies)


Last Night in Town(EP),
Speak Easy (EP),
Theories About You (single),
The Hitchcock Suite (not yet released)

Set List

We can play up to 2 hours of original music.