Erin Crosby

Erin Crosby


Roots Pop with a Splash of Country Flair!


Erin Crosby’s slight frame belies a surprisingly rich vocal depth that nestles comfortably in music rooted in the Maritimes storytelling traditions. But rather than telling stories of her own life and experiences, it’s the lives of others that are given voice in her debut album Notice Me.
“I wasn’t convinced that 27 years in I had enough interesting tales to tell,” says Erin. “Rather than rehash things that have been heard or told before, I’d rather take on someone else’s story. It can be just as personal; just as compelling.”

Born in Nova Scotia and raised in PEI, singer/songwriter Erin Crosby grew up in a household of music. Her father, an artist, always had music playing in his studio, “Elvis would be blaring out from underneath his door while my mother would attempt to learn her latest barbershop line at the piano. I heard it all from the David Bowie to Anne Murray”

Seven years ago, Erin uprooted herself from her beloved PEI, packed a pick-up truck, and headed west for the big city. “I had never even set foot in Toronto, but I thought if I didn’t just do it now I never would. If I thought about it too long, I definitely would have talked myself out of it.” To make ends meet, she worked various joe jobs. Any time left after slinging beer and selling shoes was spent hacking away at her piano.

She had accumulated material; writing songs in her living room, but it took a chance meeting that made it possible to take the next step. Moving out of a house she’d lived in for two years, she ran into a neighbour, Doug Romanow (Fire Escape Recording), whom she knew was a record producer, but to whom she had never mentioned that she was a musician. When he said, “I hear you’re leaving us,” she blurted out “I’m actually a musician and songwriter.” Soon after, her demo exchanged hands.

Some years spent pursuing an acting career–“long enough to know I didn’t want to continue,” says Erin—help her convincingly give voice in the hauntingly beautiful True North to an aging fisherman struggling with the loss of his wife. We are also introduced to a young boy experimenting with personal style in the straight talking, big-hearted High Heels, Hot Wheels, and a shy young woman who admires someone from afar in the titular Notice Me.

While Erin shied away from personal experiences, she does share with listener the story of her first dance with partner Paul in the bonafide country waltz Jakes’s Place. “We were in the middle of nowhere New Brunswick on a dark blustery snowy night, sitting alone at the dingy, divey bar Jake’s Place, drinking skunky beer, when Desperado came on the jukebox. Paul held out his hand and said ‘dance with me’. I, of course, resisted. But when we finally walked onto the dance floor, all of a sudden the bartender flicked a switch and the whole place lit up like a Christmas tree: mirror ball, lights, everything. Turned out to be the best first dance I ever had.”

Musically, Notice Me is where roots pop and country collide, weaving together everything from banjo, guitars, and accordion to neuron synthesizers and a string quartet. Erin hopes listeners will feel comforted, entertained, and connected with her work. And perhaps they will recognize these characters--in someone they know, maybe even in themselves.


Notice Me- debut release Sept 2005
Nominated for a 2006 Pop Recording of the Year-East Coast Music Awards

Singles: High Heels and Hot Wheels
Let me be your Memory

Set List

Depending on show, includes 12 origional tracks, new works and the odd cover

1. High Heels and Hot Wheels
2. Notice Me
3. amber
4. Let me be your Memory
5. Dream Big Little Girl
6. (Not Another)Lonely Heart Song
7. Kite Flyin
8. Jake's Place
9. True North
10. For Keeps
11. Little Red Road
12. So Long farewell

Depending venue covers might include, Van Morrison, Shelby Lynne, Melanie Doane, kd Lang