Erin Eder

Erin Eder

 Katy, Texas, USA

Erin Eder is determined to prove that a big star doesn't have to come from a big glamorous, or faraway place. Erin plans to follow in the footsteps of other local celebrities like Renee Zellwegger, Clint Black, and Frank Bielec and become the next big thing to come out of little Katy, Texas.


Erin Eder was introduced to music at an early age singing along with oldies on her mother’s car radio. By the age of ten, she graduated to musicals and began singing at local festivals and talent shows. At the ripe old age of fourteen, Erin eventually found herself on the main stage at the Katy Rice Harvest Festival, performing her first recorded singles, “Crazy for You” and “Drifter” written by William Matthews and Mason Granade.

While performing professionally in local clubs and private parties, Erin was introduced to country music by Houston entertainer and songwriter Randy Meadows. With his talent and expertise, Erin began entertaining crowds with her upbeat renditions of “Mustang Sally” and “Johnny B. Goode”. It did not take long for Randy’s respect for Willie Nelson and his music to rub off on Erin. Suddenly, Erin began performing a different kind of “Crazy”. Erin’s interpretation of “Since You’ve Been Gone” written by Randy Meadows is a perfect example of how country music has enriched her level of vocal performance. Erin Eder’s rich vocals have been compared to Leanne Rimes and legendary Patsy Cline.

Erin Eder’s strong, sultry voice breaks through to compliment her upbeat country music with a lot of soul. She is determined to prove that a big star doesn’t have to come from big glamorous, far away places, and plans to follow the footsteps of other local celebrities like Clint Black and Renee Zellweger and become the next big thing to come out of little Katy, Texas!


One and Only-Erin Eder (Single Release 2006)

Breakthrough-Erin Eder (Tate Music Group Released 2011)
Produced by Don Johnson

Set List

"Breakthrough"-Release May 17, 2011

Covers (sample list)

Play That Funky Music-- Wild Cherry
Stand By Me-- Ben E King
Johnny B Goode-- Chuck Berry
Sweet Home Alabama-- Lynard Skynard
Mustang Sally-- Wilson Picket
Proud Mary-- CCR
I Love Rock n Roll-Joan Jett
Old Time Roc n Roll-Bob Segar
House is Rockin-Stevie Ray Vaugh
Givin' It Up for Your Love-Delbert McClinton
Standin' On Shaky Ground-Delbert McClinton
It Hurts so Bad-Susan Tedeschi
Voodoo Woman-Susan Tedeschi
Something to Talk About-Bonnie Raitt
Bobby McGee-Janis Joplin
Some Kind of Wonderful-Joss Stone