Erin Muir

Erin Muir


A hybrid of pop, classical and jazz, Erin Elizabeth Muir is an award winning songwriter, a critically acclaimed recording artist, and a crowd favorite (named Best Female Performer 2010 by Rockwired, and given **** by Spin Mag.) If Andrea Bocelli and Annie Lennox had a baby? Meet Erin.


Classically trained as an opera singer at Manhattan School of Music, road tested as an award winning songwriter, Erin Muir is a hybrid of pop hooks, Broadway belting, and soaring classical high notes. Passionate, inspiring, and dreamy, she sings of heartache and innocence, beauty and joy, and the possibility of dreams coming true.


My Secret

Written By: Erin Elizabeth Muir

I love you
it's true I love you
more and more
and more each day

the day I met you
a thousand angels sang
and I knew you were love
and love was everything

but then you went away
oh, baby, or maybe it was me
well I guess I know a little more now
why babies cry
and mourning doves sing
and true love is rare-
but I still believe in you
and me

so here I am,
offering my whole heart
falling upon no one there
falling down
'cause you're not there
but I'd give everything
to show you how I love you so
but I'm scared to scare you away
so my secret
stays with me


Poet's Lovely Daughter, 2009

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