erin flanigan

erin flanigan


A gorgeous voice, brilliant singer-songwriter with intelligent lyrics and a penchant for creating her own chords. She sings of the soul and transcendence and the mystical; tackling the basic questions we all share in the deepest places where the real you resides.


my music comes from junior high art school punk-rock, leather jacket combat boot wearin 12 year old girl listenin to vinyl records of the sugarcubes, 10,000 Maniacs, ministry, de la soul, then hip hop dancer, then drop out travelin beat poet commune livin organic food eatin pickin on the guitar dylan student climbing moutains and reading of the american indian holocaust spiritual seeking reading solitude and birthing babies and of learning how to love (myelf, mostly)

Set List

last survivors
the one
been here before
far and wide
bout time
by now
fallin down
somethin i never had
make of me
goin down
hey, how you live
runnin ragged
plus more...